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25 March 2011

100 things about me 16-30

Moving on with this little list of things about me....

16. I have no favorites. I like most music, I like most books, I like most movies. I have no favorites.

17. I like to knit. I'm not very good at it and I don't know how to make much more than hats and scarves but I'm pretty darn good at making those.

18. I firmly believe that it is better to be a first rate version if yourself than a second rate version of somebody else. It's not worth your time and effort to pretend to be someone else.

19. I prefer cheetos puffs over crunchy cheetos.

20. I don't like it when it gets too hot which is why I like washington. That and I just adore the rain and the green and the mountains and the ocean and everything is here. You want town, city, country, rivers, lakes, ocean, mountains, and if you prefer it, it's warmer and dryer right over the mountains. Everything you could want is here.

21. I am smart but I'm not overly ambitious and I'm kind of lazy actually. About school and stuff. I hate that you repeat everything over and over and over. Boring.

22. I don't like wearing skirts but I will if I like them or have a reason to. If I do, I always wear shorts underneath it because I'm not ladylike.

23. Dark chocolate is heavenly. Milk chocolate in any more than small amounts makes me nauseous. White chocolate is my least favorite.

24. I liked the twilight books. And the edward cullen in my mind was way hotter than robert pattenson will ever be.

25. I cry at disney movies. I cry every time mufasa dies. Toy story 3 made me cry. Actually I cry at any sad movie. However, I didn't cry when dumbledore died.

26. I don't like cut flowers because they die. I like plants but I kill them. You're better off not going that route with me.

27. I think that everything in the world will eventually turn out alright if we could just agee to disagree about everything and respect basic human rights.

28. I believe in human rights for all humans, even those who have yet to be born. And I think that anything designed to prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg is wrong. If you are responsible enough to have sex you are responsible enough to realize that a baby may result and you should be responsible for making sure that baby is born, whether you raise it or put it up for adoption. I do not believe abortion is in any way right or ok except if someone's life is in danger.

29. I've never been outside the united states, not even to canada which is only a 3 hour drive north.

30. I like to play sudoku number puzzles and have an app on my phone to play them.
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24 March 2011

100 things about me 1-15

Do these have to be interesting things? I've done this before in a class my freshman year of high school. It was part of this class we had to take whee we learned more about ourselves only I still don't really know who I am in the truest sense. We were supposed to learn how to be amazing people. Anyway, my list...

1. I was born on June 15, 1987. I think this should be my first fact as it was the most important event in my life. If I hadn't been born I'd have no life.

2. My son was born november 22, 2009. Not the most interesting fact, but again, significance is everything.

3. I graduated high school 2 months early despite having failed 6 classes my freshman year and 2 my sophomore year and being rejected from the "normal" high schools for my junior and senior years.

4. I used to catch garden snakes when I was little and tried to bring them in the house. My brother did too. Our mom wouldn't let us.

5. I was attacked by a ladybug. My brother and I were playing at the Algona park and I saw a ladybug on the bar at the top of the slide. I put my hands on the bar on either side of it and it flew down and landed just above my knee and then I just remember it hurt really bad. My brother got it off me and there was a red spot with a green dot in the middle where it had been.

6. I make up songs and sing at random times when I think nobody is listening. I never remember the songs and they are usually about whatever I'm doing at the time. I get very embarrassed if anyone is listening and finds out.

7. I once hit a softball with the bat directly into my own face. I have nothing more to say on this subject.

8. I rode a bike without training wheels on my own for the first time in the rain on thanksgiving. I rode it down the driveway, turned around, and rode back straight into the back of my grandma's pickup.

9. My middle name is anne after my mom's best friend in 6th grade who died when she was swimming in the green? river when the flood gates were released.

10. I can't tell the difference between coke, pepsi, and store brand cola. Same goes for all other types of pop except barq's root beer. I also can't taste the difference between diet mt dew and regular.

11. I lived in my grandma's house for about 14 years of my life. That's over half of my life.

12. I took japanese in high school because I thought anime was really cool and all my friends were taking it and then I failed first semester. I only failed because I didn't do the homework. I had a 34% in the class at the final and I got 100% on the final, finishing the class with a 56% failing grade anyway.

13. I like peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. If you've never tried it don't even say "ew" because it's good. Unless you don't like pickles or peanut butter. Or you're allergic.

14. I like little kid songs. I sing along with my son's toys. I sing him silly songs all the time. I just like them.

15. I got credit for a P.E. Class in high school for sitting in the teacher's classroom grading papers for him while everyone else was in the gym. But he understood me. I can't play basketball. I have no hand eye coordination for it.

(posting now, will write more later)
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