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09 February 2012

all my steps so far...

Since I haven't posted in a few days, I decided to post all my recorded steps so far...

Week 1
January 24 - 7750
January 25 - 14797
January 26 - 18708
January 27 - 12092
January 28 - 12346
Week 1 Total - 65,693

Week 2
January 29 - 11716
January 30 - 6032
January 31 - 6942
February 1 - 20492
February 2 - 23345
February 3 - 6879
February 4 - 6268
Week 2 Total - 81674
Cumulative Total - 147367

Week 3
February 5 - 8572
February 6 - 8346
February 7 - 12462
February 8 - 7286

06 February 2012

Steps and training and tax returns (oh my)

Guess who got her tax return!!! *does a little dance* Not that I'm doing anything with it at the immediate moment other than thinking but YAY!!!

That aside... Yesterday I did 8572 steps.

After work I went to a local middle school and jogged/walked on their track for 3 laps, I know that's only 3/4 of a mile, but I was pushing Alex in his stroller while I was doing it, and I was talking to my boyfriend on my phone trying to console (I guess?) him that I wasn't going to get attacked or raped or murdered while using the middle school track, and that even if I was I had a box cutter in my pocket....

After I got home I just didn't have the energy to do anything really, so I didn't do the strength training which by the way is....
Circuit 1
Pushups, Jumprope, squat, v-sit, supermans, chair dips, lunges, stair run, glute bridge, bicycle.
Circuit 2
diamond pushup, double leg hop (over a line), reverse lunge, straight leg flutters, side crunch, stair run with hands, side lunge, run in place, spiders, side crunch
Circuit 3
feet on chair with pushups, stair run, lunge jumps, wipers, chair step-ups, jump rope, 45 lunge, burpee, glute bridge, russian twist

And it says to do 2-3 of the circuits a week (oops, I guess I missed that part when I was writing my schedule out? I have 4 each week) for the first week 20 seconds per exercise with 30 second resting and starting week 2, 30 seconds exercise 30 seconds resting. it says as you get in shape at your own pace to raise the exercise time and lower the resting time such as 45 seconds exercising and 15 seconds resting. Oh, here's where I got 4 from, it says that beginning in week 4 you should raise the times you go through circuits to 3-4 times a week.

There are also 3 Gym Circuits, but since I don't have machines or a gym membership I am just not adding those to my training. It might limit me or it might not, I don't know. This is also the reason why instead of doing 30 minutes cycling or on an eliptical like it says on the cardio, I simply put other things on those days, like doing a 45 minute walk or jog/walk a mile. I also gave myself workouts on sundays even though it isn't even on the chart at all.

So I'm adding the strength training onto today's. And I'm also doing squats, pushups, and crunches every morning right after wake up and get alex up and before we start getting ready for the day anyway (only 20 of each and the pushups are "girl" ones for now) I've been doing those for a while now.

05 February 2012

Steps, Plans, Etc...

Today's Steps - 6268

Why does everyone have to sound so surprised when I say that I want to Warrior Dash? Because I don't seem like the type? Because I'm a girl? Because I'm a geek? Because I'm fat? Why? I can't seem to figure out why people think it's so unlike me to do something like this. I like it. I think it will be fun. I appreciate the feeling of working towards a goal. I appreciate the skills I may acquire during the challenge itself as well as during the training. I don't mind the mud. I don't mind getting dirty and wet.

And either way, even if I wind up walking through the entire thing or half of it or any of it as long as I keep going and don't quit and get through all the obstacles and I will have finished and accomplished something and I'll have a medal and a furry viking hat to show for it. And when it's my choice I actually do enjoy jogging and lifting weights and exercising. It's just a pain to get going but once I get going it's easy to keep going. It's the motivation to do it from within myself that has to start getting the ball rolling, or else it just doesn't work for me.

Yes, as I said before my left knee screams at me after a while but maybe that will get better as I train? Or maybe I need to get one of those knee brace things. It's the one I hurt a while back skateboarding, but I've always had issues with my knees since I was a kid. My dr always said it was "growing pains" but I'm sorry, if it was "growing pains" I wouldn't still be having them at 24, almost 25, would I?

And anyway, besides people looking at me like "really?" when I say I'm doing this, I do still have people who are being unbelievably supportive of my doing this. And the ones who are shocked when I say it only solidify my "I'm gonna do this!!!" attitude towards it. I want to prove to myself and to every single other person, supportive or shocked, that I CAN and WILL do this! I can train and work hard and achieve something awesome and amazing. Their website even says that it's more about mental toughness than being amazingly physically fit, and post training I should be in much better shape than I currently am.

I remember one time when I was younger that my brother told me to do 10 pushups. I don't remember why. I just remember him telling me to do 10 pushups. I got back up and immediately he told me to do 10 more. So I kind of complained but did it. I don't know why I did it. But anyway, this repeated over and over until finally one time I got back up expecting him to tell me to do more, but instead he just told me "You just did 100 pushups" and I remember being bewildered. I didn't know I could do 100 pushups, I wasn't sure how he had known I did 100, I wasn't counting but obviously he was. I guess I bring this up because I don't even know how much I can really do until I do it, just like most people. If you do 10 pushups 10 times you've done 100 pushups. How much easier is it to think of doing 10 pushups? So think of it like that. Do 10 pushups then rest for 30 seconds. Do 10 crunches then rest for 30 seconds. Start over. Repeat until you've done 100 of each and it really isn't nearly as difficult as just setting out to do 100 pushups at once. And you work at it and work at in and then suddenly, wow, you're doing 20 pushups instead of 10 at a time. You see what I'm getting at?

I've been working on my training schedule for a fair hunk of time now, but I'm not entirely set in stone yet about a few of the details. On the Warrior Dash website they have a 12 week training course for 3 different Warrior types in strength and cardio. Those are the Virgin, the Casual, and the Ultimate Warrior. I have loosely planned my training schedule using those schedules. So the thing I'm not 100% on is that I'm not sure if I just want to do the one in September now. I have been thinking that there is really plenty of time to train and even possibly do both events.

The first event is in North Bend on July 21 & 22. It's 3.55 miles long and includes 12 obstacles.
Satan's Steps, Giant Cliffhanger, Horizontal Hike, Chaotic Crossover, The Trenches, Road Rage, Vertical Limit, Great Warrior Wall, Hard Rain, Cargo Climb, Warrior Roast, and Muddy Mayhem.

The second event is in Bonney Lake on September 22. It's 3.15 miles long and also includes 12 obstacles.
Barricade Breakdown, Giant Cliffhanger, Road Rage, Great Warrior Wall, Vertical Limit, Storming Normandy, Hard Rain, Tipsy Tightrope, Petrifying Plunge, Cargo Climb, Warrior Roast, and Muddy Mayhem.

My original plan was simply to do the second one, but measuring out the weeks, I would have 24 weeks to train for the first event, then another 9 weeks to train for the second. By beginning my training February 5 I have 33 weeks of training to plan out. I'm actually really excited about this. I gotta tell you guys, it's really something I'm looking forward to doing. The only reasons why it's taken me this long to post my training schedule is because I was looking up what certain exercises actually were like a "burpee" and a "superman" and a "russian twist" and I was trying to figure out if I really want to just do the 1 or if I want to try to do both of them. I'm still not really sure, but I guess I need to figure it all out pretty soon.

Anyway, I'm just going to post my first 2 weeks of training schedule for right now. If you are wondering what I mean by the strength training, I'll type that up later on and post that, or you can look at the Warrior Dash Training stuff on their website.

Week 1 February 5-11

Sunday, February 5
1 Mile Jog/Walk - Circuit 1 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Monday, February 6
1 Mile Jog/Walk
Tuesday, February 7
Rest Day
Wednesday, February 8
45 Min Walk - Circuit 2 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Thursday, February 9
45 Min Walk - Circuit 1 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Friday, February 10
Rest Day
Saturday, February 11
1 Mile Jog/Walk - Circuit 3 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30

Week 2 February 12-18

Sunday, February 12
45 Min Walk - Circuit 2 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Monday, February 13
1.5 Mile Jog/Walk
Tuesday, February 14
Rest Day
Wednesday, February 15
1 Mile Jog/Walk - Circuit 1 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Thursday, February 16
45 Min Walk - Circuit 3 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30
Friday, February 17
Rest Day
Saturday, February 18
1 Mile Jog - Circuit 2 Home Virgin Warrior Strength 30/30

More to come later....

04 February 2012

More Steps

Today's Steps - 6879

Yes, I was lazy today, but my knee is hurting and I decided I needed 2 days off before I start training on Sunday, and what is my training schedule going to look like? Well I'll let you all know VERY soon :)

03 February 2012

Steps, more steps...

Steps today - 23345
14243 of which were done between 2p-11:30p

That is all....

02 February 2012

Steps, yesterday and today...

So yesterday I forgot to post my steps...
6942 Steps

I know it's not a lot, but I went to the middle school track and jogged/walked 1 1/2 miles with alex in his stroller (not a jogging stroller) which was... only kinda awkward.... which is where most of those steps came from, and I just didn't feel like doing more than that.

20492 Steps Today!!!
That's a lot of steps, and almost half of them I did literally walking in place (back and forth really) and dancing around and singing to alex and I didn't even realize I was over 20k... Although right now my knees are kind of... letting me know it's definately time to sit down.... And why is it ALWAYS my knees that do it??? It's always been that way, whether I weighed 140 or 240, it's always my knees....

01 February 2012

February's Measurements

So if you remember last month I said that I was going to measure myself at the beginning of each month. If you don't here's a reminder. So in continuance of that I measured myself again tonight, it is technically the first of february, it's after midnight.

February 1, 2012
Age - 24
Height - 61.5" (5 feet 1 and a half inches)
Weight - 197.6 (January 28, 2012) +3.6
Neck - 15.25"
Upper Arm - 15"(L) 14.5"(R) -0.5"
Forearm - 10"(L) -0.5" 10.5"(R)
Wrist - 6.25"(L) -0.25" 6.25"(R) -0.25"
Bust - 44" -1"
Chest - 37" -1"
Waist - 34" -1"
Hips - 44" -1"
Thigh - 24.25"(L) -0.75" 23.5"(R) -0.5"
Calf - 17"(L) 16"(R)
Ankle - 8.5"(L) -2" 8.5"(R) -1"
Foot - 9"(L) 9"(R)

So what does that mean? Well... It means that Somehow even though I gained 3.6lbs I still lost a total combined amount of 9.75" from all my measured spots (which granted is a lot of measured spots)