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31 January 2011

Monday Weigh In

Today I almost ran to the scale. I downloaded an app that reminds me to workout and keeps track of my weight loss, even measuring it in loss from cutting calories and loss from working out. The best part? It's a free app!

So my weigh in today puts me at 195.4 which sadly is 0.9 higher than the lowest weight for today on my chart, but on the plus side means I'm losing weight. Not that this is thanks to exercising a lot so much as (kind of) changing my diet. I'd lose more if I exercised more and I realize that.

My loss is loss no matter how small or large, and for that I'm happy despite my lack of sticking to my chart. And I'm still under 200 which makes me happy with my progress as well.

Until next monday, this is tiffany signing off (for weight updating)
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26 January 2011

Weight check in

On monday I weighed in at 197.6
That is all.
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18 January 2011


Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm not
Sometimes the thing
You truly sought
Was something that
Couldn't be bought
And when you found
That you could not
You found I asked
For not a lot...
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15 January 2011

steampunk rpg character namer

I think that I have picked my character's name for the steampunk rpg...
Electa Shaw
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13 January 2011

Writers Destruction...

This isn't writer's block, this is self imposed literary murder taking place in the land of grey matter. This goes beyond simple blockage. I'm writing more than one novel for christ's sake and not a single one can I do anything productive with at this particular moment. Alex is asleep, I could be all creative and write but instead I'm blogging about how I was starting blankly at multiple windows on my computer screen. Windows of notepad. Multiple. And nothing.

It's funny how i know exactly how a story is going to go sometimes and i can't write it. I already have the beginning, middle, end, all the tidbits that create the events leading to the climax and the ultimate final events, but no way to put it all into flowing words on the screen. What a waste...
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12 January 2011

Lazy Lazy Blogger

I'm such a lazy blogger. I meant to write a blog last monday and now it's sunday. I mean, sure I wrote the 12 days if trekmas but that's not my diet! That's not my eating plan!

I had a busy busy busy day on monday. Alex and I went to see santa at the mall and saw the new narnia movie. I had teriyaki bento!

wow i really am a lazy blogger... I wrote this so long ago I don't remember what the rest of my post was supposed to be... *publishes to blog now*
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Sakura con 2011

Every year since 08 I have attended the annual gathering of geeks, anime fans, cosplayers, etc. known as Sakura Con. It's a large anime convention with panels, gaming rooms, guests, artists, booths with tons of stuff to buy, the works. It reminds me that while i might be different in the "real world" but in "convention land" there are thousands of people just like me. They dress up like cartoon characters, anime and manga characters, video game characters, super heros, etc. And I have a couple of cosplays (insert many) myself.

I enjoy my little yearly excursion into the world of the similarly minded... :-)
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I know what you did

I know what you did but I'm not sure why
If only I saw your heart and could see inside
The places in there where these thoughts reside
But instead I had to turn away and say goodbye

I know what you said but I don't know how
To find any more joy within that sound now
I can't find any way that my will would bow
I won't look back and wonder, this I vow
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11 January 2011

weight check in (i know, I've missed posting for a while)

I didn't weigh myself yesterday, but I'm bouncing between 198-201 since christmas.
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03 January 2011

Random thing I wrote today

They don't understand
It's a strand
a grain of sand
In an hourglass
Their pass
Their past
Their moment
Their monster
All they see is twisted reality
Perfect bliss
like true love's first kiss
But the distortion of perfection taints
World full of saints?
No, not at all
They dropped the ball
And they'll take the fall
But it was a nice mirror image
Something pretty and pure
White lace was the cure
Til some of the demure
Snapped back with a flash
Picked up the slack
Your utopia is dystopia
A humble stated fact
but they try what'll never fly
Pointlessly to contain
The people with brains
Those they couldn't train
In their efforts to control the population
No verbal ejaculation
Of any variation
On any scale
Though they will fail
Freedoms aren't for sale
But they uselessly try
To protect virgin ears
Stuff em tight with cotton seals
How does that feel?
It's a perfect illusion
To cause confusion
Cause your mind won't know
Which way to go
When the facade crashes down into the river below
Washed away with the tide
No law to abide
Do you still have your pride?
We'll bridge the divide
In a memory
In a heartbeat
In a moment in time
Where do you draw the line?
Or do you erase it?
Are you tough enough to face it?
Or is it tough?
Maybe it's bold
To face the cold
To break the mould
To have a heart of pure gold
That molten liquid that sears
The greedy ones leer
Hiding in shadows
Awaiting their moment
Baiting you
Biding their time
putting rhythm to a rhyme
A purpose in a line
Of word
Written or spoken
Like a touch of the broken
Broken by men
By women
By people
A population of madness
Driven by sadness
And the hot wax drips
From the tips
Of lit candlesticks
And where does it land?
Where does it land?
In the expanse
Of a little romance
Driven by lust
It lands on the bust
A touch of kink
For a lazy thought
Maybe cheaply bought
Like a penny
Or a dime
No, not money
She's sweet like honey
We're talking about a girl
Fast talking
Hip popping
With copper wire curls
Dime a dozen
With a short tight skirt
And a too small shirt
And stilettos that let her touch the sky
Or maybe she's just high
It's enough to make you cry
Sugar coated tears
Drenched in real fears
That no angel will appear
To take you away
Somewhere you can play
In the candy trees
And bubble gum flowers
Gotta get you a piece of that
Censorship protecting the masses
From female dogs
And donkeys
And other such assets
You think you've won?
The war's just begun
We're hardcore
Tough and strong
You can't ignore
Rebels to the core
Facts and figures
It's a catalyst
You can't pretend we don't exist
The voices ringing
People singing
Bringing emotions
Purity of intent
Power to invent
A new way
See a new day
Carry on through the pain
That flouted through our veins
Destroy us?
You couldn't if you tried!
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