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29 October 2010

Misunderstandings... -shrug-

Is it fair to blame me for you getting yelled at, as a pic, when I took too long of a lunch? You were supposed to move tables with another employee which now isn't going to get done and you're going to get yelled at by another manager because of me? I'm sorry but that does not compute.

What happened? A manager did indeed call me and ask me to take a half an hour lunch from 7-7:30 but then he said in that same call to make it 6-6:30. When the person covering my lunch came out I said "it's half an hour, right?" he said no, it's an hour. So I tried to call both the 2621 & 2605 phones and got absolutely no answer. I told the person covering my lunch I'd check the chart inside, I did, it said 6-7 in pen changed from my originally scheduled lunch. So I took an hour.

I was never contacted and told during my lunch to come back. Nobody called the break room, I never heard an overhead for me, nothing. So to say it's not his fault at all is asinine as he's a manager, a Person In Charge, a 4th. I'm a peon. If anything comes of this via manager of discipline I'll just tell them exactly what happened. I'm not going to let this bother me anymore tonight because it's pointless to dwell on. I got it out here. I'm done thinking about it.
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Why Geek/Gamer Girls Make Amazingly Awesome Girlfriends

I was browsing the internet the other day looking for reasons why geek/gamer girls are so awesome. I found the net highly lacking in this quality information and I'll just chalk it up to the fact that people sometimes still think we don't exist. Baffling, I know, but truth. Go ahead and walk into the auction house in WoW and announce you are a real life girl if you don't believe me. You get everything from people hitting on you based off your avatar to calling you a liar and telling you you suck at playing.

Apparently, in my experience of playing mmo games, being a female gamer means one or more of these things..
1) you are lying and really a guy
2) you are someone's girlfriend
3) you suck at the game
4) you don't exist
5) you are fat
6) you are ugly

Now that's not very fair is it? Thankfully there are more of us than most realize and we are much more obvious about our existence than our mystical brethren. (sasquatch, nessie, santa clause, etc.) We can bust these myths that we don't exist. We can stand on our own 2 feet and prove we are just as good as the boys and we will pwn your 4$$ (can I get a hell yeah? XD)

This list isn't just about geek/gamer girls being awesome girlfriends, but about us in general being awesome altogether. It's that anything we can do that us awesome is everything that makes us great girlfriends and then some.

1) We know how to play video games. Yes, there are girls out there who love to play games like The Sims and Mario Party. I'm one of them, but gamer girls like to play rpg and fps just as much as those games, if they like those. Some girls can't stand those other games.

2) She more than likely owns several pairs of shoes like any other girl but she's likely to swoon over those +5 agility boots in the ah she's trying to bid for than those 4" stilettos at the mall.

3) Speaking of the mall, the only times you'll find her there is if there's a movie theater and a new movie she wants to see is playing, if there is an arcade with games she loves, if there's a collectable shop inside, or if she was dragged there by someone else. Unless she's like me and likes walking around the mall just to walk around the mall sometimes. :-)

4) She's the kind of girl who will stand in line camping out with you for 2 days to get into the latest Star Trek or Harry Potter flick. She won't mind if she misses a shower or had to sleep in a sleeping bah on the cement. Plus you can take turns holding the spot for each other's bathroom breaks.

5) She is smart. In general geeky girls tend to be pretty intelligent. You won't be hearing your buddies cracking dumb blonde jokes behind your back about her.

6) She knows how to read instruction manuals, and usually will. Not one to arrogantly throw out the manual and the box immediately after taking thee product out, your cool calm collected geeky girl might first try to work her powers to use products before reading it, but at least she kept it in case that failed. Oh yea, and she understands the manual will enough to follow it too.

7) She isn't overly needy but when she wants your attention she knows how to get it. She isn't going to interrupt your raid, but she is going to expect you to put down that xbox controller and have some dinner at the table once in a while. If you spend her birthday or your anniversary on gaming all day i can guarantee she'll be pissed, but an all day star trek movie marathon might be right up her alley for those special days.

8) LAN party partner? Check. Halo teammate or opponent? Check. Raid party member? Check. She'll go to that movie, that convention, that museum exhibit. She'll invest time in your interests because she cares about you and what you like.

The fact is I could go on but I'll hand off to my friends now. I asked a few friends to contribute to my list and let them know I'd give them credit for it. I'd never steal their contributions and call them my own obviously. :-)

So first we have Daniel, if you would like to follow this wonderful fellow who from my understanding always follows back on twitter he is @twisteddaniel

1) Because you can both be making SciFi sounds together while driving

2) When you extend your hand for automatic doors you don't feel like a complete idiot

3) People will think you're speaking in code all the time when you have a Geek Girlfriend

4) Geeks make best lovers due to excessive electronics. *tap tap, circle, slide tap tap, eight figure, etc.*

5) When you have geek girlfriend, everyone is secretly jealous. Or at least other geeks

6) You always have a teammate when playing videogames in your mother's basement

*tiffany note* I don't necessarily agree with the "in your mother's basement" part of that last one

Next up is the wonderful and awesome Tim from oregon, who I also met through the twitterverse. He's pretty cool to chat with. On twitter he is @kingisaaclinksr

1. More tolerant of your gaming habits, because let's face it, they would be right there, playing with you ;)

2. Be open to more things like Conventions or Fanfests

3. Would discuss geeky and/or tech topics.

4. Would watch Anime with me, that would be pretty darn cool

5. Wouldn't mind my habit of collecting things, even if I don't right now.

6. Could have a serious Kirk VS Picard argument ;)

7. Would have less issues around technology, or even be better at understanding them than me :)

I meant to have more contributions but out didn't pan out. Might post their stuff later.
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The Science of Weight Loss

So I wrote all about the science of how to lose weight before and then I found this formula. I realize there is more to it than this but this is just the basic stuff you need to know to do this whole weight loss thing.

If you want to lose weight figure out your BMR which for women is 655+(4.35*weight in pounds)+(4.7*height in inches)+(4.7*age in years) then you take that number and you multiply it by 1.2 (sedentary) 1.375 (lightly active) 1.55 (moderately active) 1.725 (very active) 1.9 (extra active) and that final number is how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight. Then you decrease that amount of caloric intake to lose weight. So say you you want to lose 1lb a week, you decrease your maintenance intake by 500 and you will lose 1lb a week without having to exercise.

So if you are a man, figuring out your BMR is a little different a formula but you still multiply it by ike mm the same numbers for your activity level. For you it is BMR=66+(6.23*your weight in pounds)+(12.7*your height in inches)+(6.8*your age in years)

So for me my formula is BMR=655+(4.35*204)+(4.7*62)+(4.7*23) and if I multiply it by sedentary I get 2330.28 and if I multiply it by lightly active I get 2670.1125 so that's my maintenance daily calories. More to come later.
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24 October 2010


I will say it loud and proud that I am 100% against the sale of liquor in our grocery stores. I will be voting no on initiatives 1100 and 1105 on this november's ballots. I do not think that it is appropriate to sell liquor in stores where teenagers shop, where they already make purchases of beer or grab it and run out the doors. Granted I also think that if you are old enough to vote and live on your own and die for your country in a war you should be allowed to legally partake in fermented beverages.

The fact is that a kid can go into a stripe and when nobody is paying attention, slip a candy bar into their pocket. How big are small bottles of liquor? How often do people check id's when selling stuff? It's easy to say that it doesn't happen but it probably happens a lot more than you'd think and it's not like that's going to change. So why risk more underage drinking by putting hard alcohol into our grocery stores?
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16 October 2010

My Biggest Food & Exercise Pitfalls

1. I eat food that is unhealthy and/or high in calories.
2. I convince myself I can put off exercising until the next day.
3. I don't eat all day then I eat more than i should for one meal.
4. I don't eat all day. Period. Either because i don't feel hungry, I forget, or on occasion on purpose.
5. I snack all day.
6. I start to work out and then give up because it's "too hard"
7. I don't drink enough water during the day.

There might be more, but these are the main ones I can think of right now.
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Weight check in

This time is going to be a quickie post and go, nothing really much to say. 204.2 yesterday w/ 0.6 loss from last friday's 204.8 which again is still a loss but it's a little one. I've been weighing myself on average at 11-1 on fridays, thereabouts of shortly after I wake up.

I'm still working on my goals, will keep you all updated on those once I'm done writing that blog out. :-)
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14 October 2010

Growing Older

I feel like some day I'm just going to wake up and say "what happened?" because I feel like time is going by too fast. We only have say, 80 years on average of life, and by that, I'm over 1/4 through it. I'm 23. The farthest I've been from home was a trip to washington dc. I've never been to college. I've never been out of the country. I've never published a book or sold a drawing so I'm really not a very accomplished artist.

What am I? A single mom who works in retail and is still trying to figure things out. I wish I was one of those "women who come into their power" influential people but I'm not. I'm nobody. In term of influence and power that is. I don't know how people manage to do things sometimes.

Weird things that I never used to think about are now inserting themselves into my head. Work and rent and bills are at the top and things like video games and reading books have somehow worked their way to the bottom. And it's like there's this kid inside, the younger me, saying "hey, I'm still here" but I'm an "adult" now and have to "grow up" and I hate it. I don't want to be all grown up. But on the flip side I don't want to be like my 50 year old pot smoking dad.

I find myself lately trying to figure out why I find teenagers so annoying but then i remember that i found them annoying when I was one too. I wonder if that makes me old, finding them annoying, but then i think about thinks I love. I love playing in the rain and twirling around in falling snow. I love splashing in mid puddles and dressing up in costumes. I love video games and cartoons and going exploring in the trees. And those are not things "stuffy adults" do. So I think I'm safe for now.

I know some people might be saying "23 isn't old" but see, it is toa girl who feels like is was just yesterday she was going to her first day of high school and in reality that was almost 10 years ago. And having a child makes me think about life different. He's going to be 1 next month and it feels like time just flew by. But that's what we do. We get older.
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13 October 2010

Creativity Block

I want to write or draw or do something but for some reason right now I'm like 98% creatively failing.

This sucks.
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10 October 2010

If anyone is interested...

I have limitations on what I can do in what amount of time but if anyone is interested in it, this holiday season I'm trying to sell goodies. I can bake, sew, knit, and I'm a fairly decent artist. I don't have anything official pricing wise but if you are interested at all even just in getting more info please feel free to email me.
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09 October 2010

October 8 weigh in and new goals

So I used this week as a slack off, eat junk, be lazy week. I ate garlic fries and drank soda at the mariners games friday and sunday, I had a dominos pizza and cheesy breadsticks monday-wed, I had a corn dog and potato wedges, the list goes on. I didn't try to work out, I went for one walk from my apartment to the office to pay my rent and back. It was a lazy week compared to the other weeks. Well, I did climb stairs at the m's games and such too.

So riddle me this... I weighed in today at 204.8 lbs. How? 206.0 last friday having gone down only 0.8 working so fucking hard and then turn around this week eating crap and not working out and losing 1.2?? *sigh*

I'm working on the plan. It's planned but to type it would take longer than I want to type on my phone right now and also this blog was STARTED over 14 hours ago. Posting it now. :-)
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07 October 2010

Be You

There have been moments in my life when I've done things for the singular purpose of making others happy with me, pleasing them, playing a role in life that is not my own happy little comfort zone to be in. Then something occurred to me. By being that person I was living a lie, a hollow life that wasn't good for anyone involved. Even if it was only for 5 minutes.

Nobody should ever feel like their opinions and thoughts are not valued. Nobody should ever feel like they are not good enough just how they are. Nobody should ever feel like they have to change to make other people happy. Ever.

I will raise my son to know that if he is gay or straight that is ok. I will raise him to know that whether he wants to play football or do ballet doesn't matter. If he loves may or decides to be a vegetarian, if he loves star trek like his mommy or would rather see a good car race instead that's all ok too. I will raise him to know whoever he is, whatever he loves, that is his passion and him as a person and i will love him no matter who he is. Because first and foremost he is Alex, my son.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. - Judy Garland
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05 October 2010

Costumes and Cosplay

I went to walmart saturday night and got alex a little baby yoda costume and a superman costume. They are both too big but that just means he can wear them longer. But now my question is this-why don't costume makers make BABY costumes like these? I had to get toddler sizes which is why they are too big.

Anyway, I'd like to talk for a moment about costumes and cosplay. They are the same thing but called differently when you wear them at different times, I think. Say if my son is superman for halloween that typically is a costume but if I take him to comic can like that it is now cosplay. Of course some cosplay is 100% impractical for halloween. I suppose they are interchangeable terms though, either way you look at it.

So now alex has a couple costumes. :-)
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03 October 2010

Reassessing the Situation and Applying Science. And glitter :-)

Ok so I said I'd update you all with my reassessed goals and plans so here I am again. I weighed in at 206.0 on friday and yes 0.8 lbs loss is still a loss but I was disappointed in myself and I want to change that. My goals may or may not be too steep for me, but I'll deal with that as soon as that time comes.

It takes 3500 calories burnt off to lose a pound of body fat. That information is in my last blog. So the accurate way to figure out how to do this would be to mark down everything you do during the day no matter how mundane and then figure out how many calories each burns. Washed the dishes? Took a shower? Sat at the movies? All counts. And at the same time add in how much and what you arte eating. Then you would adjust your intake and output to be equal and hopefully you calculated right and have discovered your maintenance level. That's too much work. I'm going to do the quick version.

My version means I just pick a number to set my caloric intake at. Then I'm going to set an activity increase level. Then I'm going to weigh myself friday and set from there new weekly goals.

And the glitter? I'm going to trey my best to feel pretty and happy with myself every day no matter what my goal is and how far or close I an to it. The point of my weight loss is to be healthy and happy and most of the time I'm not really either. Unless I'm tickling alex.
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01 October 2010

October 1st Weigh In (time to reassess)

The fact that I'm a geek should have come up before this point in this while situation. Weight loss is scientifically proven so why not apply that science? Duh!

Science says that there are 3500 calories in a pound of body fat. That translates to be if you cut your intake by 500 calories a day you will lose a pound a week.
But the problem with that is pretty obvious with society today. We are gaining weight. So first you have to figure out how to stop gaining (IE figure out the calories it would take to maintain your current weight without gaining or losing) THEN cut the intake from there. Humans are meant to intake as many calories as they burn in a normal day. So to lose 3.5 lbs a week I would need to decrease my intake and increase my activity enough to burn off 1750 calories per day, and that's off of maintenance intake/exercise.

That's a lot. Especially for a single mom working 5 days a week. But ok, that's the science. So what activities burn calories that I could, say, incorporate into my time at work? I spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week at work.

According to a website, going for a moderate paced 4 hour walk pushing a stroller at my current weight would burn almost that many calories, the amount necessary to per week lose 3.5 lbs. Not that going for a 4 hour moderately paced walk pushing a stroller every day is absolutely a realistic thing I could do, but it's nice to know it's an option.

Also apparently as you lose weight it takes more activity to burn the same number of calories. I guess out makes sense that walking for 30 minutes and moving 250 lbs of weight takes more work than walking 30 minutes and moving 150 lbs of weight. So to combat that would it work to like.. Put on ankle weights and things to burn more calories while walking? Like if I put a 5lb ankle weight on each leg and made myself wear those all day at work I'd essentially "weigh" 10 lbs more and burn calories faster? I don't know.

Anyway, I weighed in today at 206.0 and my goal this week was 201.4-200.6 so i obviously failed my goal again. And last friday i was 206.8 so I only lost .8 in the last week. I'm disappointed in myself. But no matter how disappointed I am I am refusing to let that get me down or discourage me. I think. I hope.

I don't know, I think I need to reassess my goals and factor in this new science aspect and see how that works out for me.

Next friday's goal is likely to change so I'm not even going to post it here this week. I'll update tomorrow or sunday with more details.
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