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25 July 2011

Musings Regarding "choice"

I know that "choice" is a heated topic when it comes to a lot of things. This particular topic comes along the lines of "pro-choice" or "anti-abortion" which is one of the big debates amongst liberals vs conservatives (the other being the homosexual rights issue) and I'll throw out here right at the begining that I am not ok with abortion for myself. Aborting a child has never been anything I've given more than a passing moment's thought to in my own personal life. The issue of abortion has popped up several times in my life in various situations but it's relevence to my life choices isn't in question.

I know a few people who have had abortions. Some of them know that I know they did while others I assume do not. I assume that because I was accidentally told of 2 I wasn't supposed to know about. The people I have discussed with in depth their choice have all told me, with only one exception, that they regret it but they felt at the time they had made the best decision. I realize that not everyone feels this way but when you see all the people talking about how the woman should have the right to choose they don't really seem to take into account regrets.

I know we live in an overpopulated world but I just honestly wish there weren't groups out there pushing that condoms are bad *cough* catholic church *cough* Geez, sorry about that! I guess I had something caught in my throat. The only 100% way to prevent pregnancy is abstaining. We can't just teach that and expect people to not have sex. People like sex. So promoting safer sex is good, condoms, spermicide, hormonal birth control, etc.

I'll throw this one out there too. All hormonal birth control works by trying to prevent ovulation (the maturing and releasing of an egg by the woman's ovaries) and if that doesn't work it may prevent a fertilized egg from implanting into the lining of the uterus. That is to say if you believe that the baby is a baby prior to implantation, your hormonal birth control pill is, by THOSE standards (not the average medical professional's standards) potentially an abortificiant. In that case you either have to come to terms with that or find a different form of contraception if you don't like the idea of getting pregnant.

Why am I musing on this? Well, to be honest I've been thinking about writing something about what I think on the issue for a while and some recent events lead to my blogging. I have a son, in case anyone hasn't realized that yet, but I also have my boyfriend visiting from london for a bit and we have discussed somewhat what would occur should our "happy fun adult time" result in "oops, I did it again" (haha) which is plain and clear on my side of things. Alex would get a sibling. Simple.

I guess I couldn't sleep and I was looking up things on websites and I came across a link to a post secret thing where it said that the person worked in a vet clinic and they give you the option to stay or leave and it said to stay because they always look for you. Then that lead to me looking into when they put animals to sleep which had a link to a 24 week partial birth abortion picture with description of what they did. Which ultimately lead me into looking up more details (again) on abortions. Which ultimately lead to me posting this.

So where do I stand on the issue? I believe in teaching safe practices and realistic approaches. I believe in accepting "consequences" for mature decisions. I believe that if lives are in danger, you should do what you have to do as long as you can live with it. I believe that if you feel like it's the only decision you can make then you better be able to deal with it. Mostly, I believe in human rights for all humans, including unborn ones. Every person who has the right to choose was born, just a thought to think about.

06 July 2011

Life changing moments

There are points in your life when you have to realize that things are never going to be the same again now that you've started down this path. You're pregnant. I do. Life, death, accidents. Everything in your life has constant potential to be a disaster or a success and it's up to you to decide how to take it.

Never let anyone tell you the way you feel or the decisions you make, things you do, don't let them tell you it's wrong. You will never be satisfied with your life if you allow others to tell you what is wrong or right for you.

When I found out I was pregnant back in 2009 I was shocked but accepting. I'm a relatively "go with the flow" type of person. I have my little ways I'm set in but I'm pliable as well. It's easy to let life get to you if you don't accept things you can't control. It's easy to let those things destroy your day if you aren't careful.

Don't live your life full of what ifs and second guessing your decisions or you might end up old and lonely and never having done anything productive with your life. Jump in with both feet. Keep your senses, but don't let fear hold you back or make your decisions for you.
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