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15 September 2012

My son's hair is purple and I'm socially awkward

I've decided that the ever so public forum of Facebook and also my blog are the perfect locations to say things that I feel a necessity to say. I've our a decent amount if time into writing this and wording it right and making sure everything was here I meant to put her so hopefully it doesn't come across poorly and nothing is missing. :-)

In my oh so long (haha) 25 years of life I've learned that it is pointless to waste your life trying to be someone you're not. I figured out a long time ago that i'm never going to fit into a neat little "normal" box and that's ok because quite frankly I don't want to. I have always been and always will continue to be the girl who marches to the beat of a different drum and dances to the song suck in her head. I'm a different breed of awesome and that's ok. I like it this way.

So I've seen all the looks people can give and hard all the things they can possibly say. So what if people like to talk? Let them. Heck, give them something to talk about. And who cares if they stare? Let them. Give them a show. Because the reality is that people are going to find fault where they think they can and they are going to react to things in their own way based on their own perceptions of normalcy. That's only to be expected.everyone has their own opinion of people and there is always going to be judgment in the world.

I hold my head high and stand tall and I like to think I know when to bite my tongue and when to speak up. I'm probably wrong some of the time but nobody is perfect. I have my opinions too. I'm not exempt or worthy of sainthood but my opinions are sometimes a little more vague.

As an example, I am of the opinion that if someone is embarrassed to go out in public with another person because of any reason pertaining to their personality or appearance then that is really their personal problem and not the fault of the allegedly embarrassing thing in question. This opinion of mine has been brought into light because I guess I never realized that this could apply to a toddler. I didn't realize that a toddler's appearance could be cause for embarrassment for someone. I guess I was wrong.

I don't really care for the most part what people think of me or the things that I do so it never really dawned on me to think that one simple thing could cause such a dramatic and divided reaction.

If you haven't seen it yet, my son's hair is purple. He asked me to do it and if you ask him if he likes it he tells you yes. If he didn't like it then it would be gone in a heartbeat. I'm not some cruel person who would make their kid suffer through something they hated unread it was absolutely necessary so as long as he's happy I don't see the huge deal here. But due to it i'm getting everything from "that's so awesome" to "that's not ok" and everything i'm between and beyond.

I didn't realize that having a little fun could cause such a massive controversy. I didn't realize that the comfort levels of the other adults in his life were somehow going to be breached by such a minor, in my opinion, disruption of normalcy in a long span of childhood which he us going to have. My mistake I suppose.

I was even told that I wasn't acting like an adult when I didn't say no to him when he asked me to color his hair. I don't know how to respond to that one. I don't think "acting like an adult" is a 100% properly defined phrase acceptable for use in a situation like that. If acting like an adult means I have to confirm to someone else's rigid set guidelines to adulthood I can very nearly say that I'm never going to fit into that box. Until the day I die and possibly even after, I get to pick my box to fit into.

But hey, at least I figured out a way to defer the topic of debate away from "omg you dyed your hair while you were pregnant" to "omg you dyed your toddler's hair purple" :-p

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