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31 January 2011

Monday Weigh In

Today I almost ran to the scale. I downloaded an app that reminds me to workout and keeps track of my weight loss, even measuring it in loss from cutting calories and loss from working out. The best part? It's a free app!

So my weigh in today puts me at 195.4 which sadly is 0.9 higher than the lowest weight for today on my chart, but on the plus side means I'm losing weight. Not that this is thanks to exercising a lot so much as (kind of) changing my diet. I'd lose more if I exercised more and I realize that.

My loss is loss no matter how small or large, and for that I'm happy despite my lack of sticking to my chart. And I'm still under 200 which makes me happy with my progress as well.

Until next monday, this is tiffany signing off (for weight updating)
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