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01 August 2011

The Blank Page

For a writer, a blank page is both a blessing and a curse. It's a place to lay out everything and anything you could possibly imagine, or it's a place where your worst case of writer's block may occur. Or even worse, you might discover you can't write anything because you can't think of anything you want to write.

This is an interesting concept as I write a blog about dealing with the blank page. A blog is a blank page in and of itself but usually before you open up something to blog you have that idea in your head. You don't just open up a blog page usually and just stare at it like "what do I want to blog about.....?" But instead you already have that idea. Maybe your coworker really ticked you off or someone told you a really funny story that day and you just need to get it off your chest.

It's really easy to find the writer's voice in a blog also, while some writing is stilted and boring. I always like to try and find the writer's voice amongst their stories. There is always some particular thing that makes certain authors the ones you like more than others. Maybe it's the characters they created. Maybe it's their way or writing dialogue. Maybe it's the genre. But one thing I've always been taught in writing classes and workshops is that a writer needs to know their own voice in their writing. A blog is a prime location to fine that because most people blog like they would talk.

I chat like I would talk. That annoys some of my friends too. I'll be on msn messenger and I'll type out something like "I had cheese and broccoli soup today but it was really... watery? I mean... it wasn't really cheesy and yummy but more... runny than I think it should have been." with the "..." meaning that is where I would normally pause while talking to someone in normal conversation. But because it isn't "properly written" (like anyone properly writes texts and blogs and comments and forum posts anymore but that's a whole different paragraph and a whole different blog rant alltogether)

I think I'm bored with this blog now..... *posts*

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