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21 September 2011

I'm harboring an illegal?

I don't really know if I should even have that as my post title. It seems a bit... shady. Anyway, for those of you who didn't know, I've had a summer guest in the form of my now boyfriend Leslie who is visiting from London. He came on June 21st and was supposed to get on a plane at 9am on the 19th of September. We've hit a little snag in that plan...

On the night of the 18th we both didn't get a lot of sleep. He stayed up to watch Alex so I could get some extra shut eye as I worked the next night and his flight was early. He figured he could sleep on the plane, I could get some sleep for work. Anyway, we both were up super early the morning of the 19th (well in reality we were up most of the night too) and we all piled into the car and headed for the airport. Checking in was a breeze, albeit a nice short but kind of slow (in my opinion) line. We migrated over to the security area and with a lot of tears on my side, we parted ways. Myself and Alex going back to the car, Leslie on his way to the terminal to catch his flight home.

I rushed back to the car hoping to catch it before I had to pay another $3 for parking as it turned over my being there 1 hour, successfully did that. Before I left the garage I sent Leslie a message saying I hoped he had a safe flight and that I wanted him to let me know when he arrived in london. More tears, started the drive home. Partway home I get a message from Leslie.... "I lost my passport" Uh........ what??? Does that mean he's stuck in the airport? What's going on? etc. etc. million thoughts going through my head. Basically  had he boarded the plane at Seatac he would have been stuck in Detroit unable to get home. So now we're trying to figure out what's going on.

As of yesterday morning Seatac Lost and Found still didn't have his passport turned in. We need to contact Delta and make sure his checked baggage either gets returned to seatac or passed along to London. He tried to call the embassy? consulate? whatever it's called in seattle but it says the number is disconnected. He called an "emergency" number that told him he'd have to go in person all the way to san francisco which is the nearest location. basically this whole thing is a massive mess over a lost passport and since he was on a 90 day non-visa visit and his last day he could be in the country on that was the 19th I'm officially harboring an illegal. Also he won't be able to use the non-visa thing again as he's violated it. Unintentionally, but still violated it.

He had flight insurance of some kind but we're not sure if it'll help anything. It says it covers lost passports, but not missed departures. So I think that means they will help him with the lost passport but he's fucked when it comes to his flight. Which sucks. If I got anything wrong on here, Leslie, feel free to correct it in the comments :)

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