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06 February 2012

Steps and training and tax returns (oh my)

Guess who got her tax return!!! *does a little dance* Not that I'm doing anything with it at the immediate moment other than thinking but YAY!!!

That aside... Yesterday I did 8572 steps.

After work I went to a local middle school and jogged/walked on their track for 3 laps, I know that's only 3/4 of a mile, but I was pushing Alex in his stroller while I was doing it, and I was talking to my boyfriend on my phone trying to console (I guess?) him that I wasn't going to get attacked or raped or murdered while using the middle school track, and that even if I was I had a box cutter in my pocket....

After I got home I just didn't have the energy to do anything really, so I didn't do the strength training which by the way is....
Circuit 1
Pushups, Jumprope, squat, v-sit, supermans, chair dips, lunges, stair run, glute bridge, bicycle.
Circuit 2
diamond pushup, double leg hop (over a line), reverse lunge, straight leg flutters, side crunch, stair run with hands, side lunge, run in place, spiders, side crunch
Circuit 3
feet on chair with pushups, stair run, lunge jumps, wipers, chair step-ups, jump rope, 45 lunge, burpee, glute bridge, russian twist

And it says to do 2-3 of the circuits a week (oops, I guess I missed that part when I was writing my schedule out? I have 4 each week) for the first week 20 seconds per exercise with 30 second resting and starting week 2, 30 seconds exercise 30 seconds resting. it says as you get in shape at your own pace to raise the exercise time and lower the resting time such as 45 seconds exercising and 15 seconds resting. Oh, here's where I got 4 from, it says that beginning in week 4 you should raise the times you go through circuits to 3-4 times a week.

There are also 3 Gym Circuits, but since I don't have machines or a gym membership I am just not adding those to my training. It might limit me or it might not, I don't know. This is also the reason why instead of doing 30 minutes cycling or on an eliptical like it says on the cardio, I simply put other things on those days, like doing a 45 minute walk or jog/walk a mile. I also gave myself workouts on sundays even though it isn't even on the chart at all.

So I'm adding the strength training onto today's. And I'm also doing squats, pushups, and crunches every morning right after wake up and get alex up and before we start getting ready for the day anyway (only 20 of each and the pushups are "girl" ones for now) I've been doing those for a while now.

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