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02 February 2012

Steps, yesterday and today...

So yesterday I forgot to post my steps...
6942 Steps

I know it's not a lot, but I went to the middle school track and jogged/walked 1 1/2 miles with alex in his stroller (not a jogging stroller) which was... only kinda awkward.... which is where most of those steps came from, and I just didn't feel like doing more than that.

20492 Steps Today!!!
That's a lot of steps, and almost half of them I did literally walking in place (back and forth really) and dancing around and singing to alex and I didn't even realize I was over 20k... Although right now my knees are kind of... letting me know it's definately time to sit down.... And why is it ALWAYS my knees that do it??? It's always been that way, whether I weighed 140 or 240, it's always my knees....

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