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01 February 2011

Up to date weight loss

I've lost 18.2 lbs since I started my blog. That's less than I expected but higher than I realized. I know I have high expectations for myself with this weight loss thing but that's how I've always been. Expect the greatest and try my hardest to achieve it.

The downside is that this isn't even a pound a week. It's about 3 pounds a month since august which is good. It really is. I know it is. But I know I can do better than good. I know I can put in more effort. And I know I will.

This last week I lost 2.2lbs and that tells me that my "lofty" goals aren't really that lofty because I did that trying to lose 1.5 in a week. And I only installed that app I wrote about on friday.

Some days I make more effort to do things than other days and some days I make no effort at all. Everyone has their lazy days. My favorite days are the ones when I get to do the things I love.

The funny thing is I don't hate exercise. I actually enjoy going for walks and swimming and dancing (when nobody can see me >.>) but I don't make time for it. I played ddr (dance dance revolution) today which is one of my favorite video games. I use the dance pad, I own 2 so if anyone wants to play with me they can <3 but it makes me sweat and my heart beat faster and I drink more (tea, juice, or in today's case, root beer) and it's fun to me still. Even if I fail a song or can't get higher than a d on a light mode song I still love it.

I'm also practicing so come sakura con I won't totally suck in front of other people. At the anime convention most people are nice and tell you that you played well, but again this is my "i have high expectations for myself" speaking. I know I'm better than a d on a yellow song on light mode on ddr supernova. Does that make me a protectionist?
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