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01 February 2011

DDR Exercise? Ok

[655+(4.35*195.4 current weight in pounds)+(4.7*61 height in inches)+(4.7*23 age)]*1.375 lightly active=2613 (rounded up) which basically means I consume more than a 2000 calorie diet. Lol

Actually that's not very funny if you think about it. To maintain my current weight I have to be consuming 2600 calories a day. Um... I don't eat that much so I must be eating or drinking really bad high calorie foods.

Oh, and that formula is only for women, read back in my blog for the post titled the science of weight loss if you'd like to know the equation for men. So my goal is to lose AT LEAST 1.5 pounds a week? I could almost do that only cutting my calories back to 2000... If I did that and exercised enough to burn 140 calories a day, I could lose 1.5 pounds a week. Or change that to 400 calories a day burned and cut back to 2000 calories and that's 2 lbs a week (until I have to recalculate)

I don't feel like counting calories and most things that are good for you don't have labels anyway. Does an apple come with a table of contents? A nutrition label? A suggested serving size? Lol

I'm just going to try to eat healthier and try to exercise more. I found out that 1 song on ddr on light or basic mode seems to burn about 10 calories, so 15 songs on the dance pad a day seems like fun easy exercise. Heck, once I get going I could play way more than 15 in a day.
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  1. DDR to exercise? Yeah, that works :). Makes it more fun anyway, especially if you can get someone to do DDR VS. :)