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29 September 2011

The end of another baseball season

Well, we attended the last game of the Seattle Mariners baseball season tonight and I can't believe we didn't even score a single run the entire game. I mean, come on guys! The least you can do is give the fans something to look at and be "well, at least we didn't lose with NO SCORE!" but alas, we failed.

I had fun anyway. After a kind of mad scramble trying to find someone to go to the game with I wound up going with my friend Jessica and her boyfriend. I had originally bought these tickets for my brother's birthday but things didn't work out quite according to plan there. He moved to southern california and I had 3 extra tickets to try to pawn off on someone. It was ok, alex used the 4th ticket even though he's not 2 yet and didn't need one.

All in all it was an ok season this year. It wasn't spectacular but we did win some good games and Alex had fun going. I got to take Leslie to his first american baseball game back in july. As always, the grounder's garlic fries were delicious. And the yankees did NOT make the playoffs!

Can't wait til next year. :-) (cause you know, we're all gonna die next year, mayan calendar and all =P)

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