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04 January 2012

Something..... not so new!

So I figured out that I can measure tons of different body parts too! I'm kidding. I didn't just figure this out. I've known for a while, but since at the moment I'm being all weird about everything else, why the hell not throw this one out on the table?? I've measured myself obsessively before, in the past, the FAR past. But I'm starting to wonder if maybe measuring myself ONCE A MONTH might be helpful to myself. It's a measurable tool of progress, and only allowing myself to do it once a month will help keep me from obsessing. I think.

So my general guidelines for measurements are going to be I'm allowed to do it within the first 5 days of the month. If I forget to do it between the first and the fifth, I ban myself from doing it later in the month. As for weighing myself, I think I'm doing ok with about once a week. I obsessed about it that first friday after I started eating more, I forgot about it the friday after that until christmas morning (sunday) and then this last week I didn't even think about it on friday, but somewhat without even thinking did it saturday morning. the first week I went down about 4 lbs and then I gained 2 back and didn't gain or lose last time I weighed myself.

So officially, I've measured my height, weight, upper arm (at fullest point), forearm (just below elbow at fullest point), wrist, bust (fullest place), chest (under bust), waist (slimmest part of abdomen), hips (fullest part of your butt and hips), thigh (at largest point), calf (just below knee at fullest point), ankle (at slimmest point), and foot (measured from heel to longest toe). Those were the parts listed on the website I was looking at.


January 2, 2012
Age - 24
Height - 61.5" (5 feet 1 and a half inches)
Weight - 194.0 (Dec. 31, 2011)
Neck - 15.25"
Upper Arm - 15"(L) 15" (R)
Forearm - 10.5" (L) 10.5" (R)
Wrist - 6.5" (L) 6.5" (R)
Bust - 45"
Chest - 38"
Waist - 35"
Hips - 45"
Thigh - 25" (L) 24" (R)
Calf - 17" (L) 16" (R)
Ankle - 10.5" (L) 9.5" (R)
Foot - 9" (L) 9" (R)

The thing I'm super confused about is this... why is my right leg 1" smaller than my left leg, but my arms are perfectly proportionate to each other?

My waist to hip ratio is 0.77 which is less than 0.85 so that means I'm at a lesser risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes than if I was carrying my weight higher on my belly.

bleh.... I'm done with this blog....

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