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13 August 2010

My real first post

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I'm just going to post whatever my happy little life throws my way here and I guess whoever the heck wants to read it can.

Introduction to myself. My name is Tiffany.I'm a single working mom. I have a little boy who is 8 months, almost 9. I love music, video games, movies, books, drawing, writing, etc. You can ask me almost anything about myself and I'll answer it.

I'm currently trying to focus on getting in shape, being healthier. I'd like to be able to actually play with my son but at 213.6 lbs that's not happening. Seriously, I just weighed myself. It's not my highest but hey, I was pregnant then. :-)

My goal is to be healthier but I have an issue that also factors in. I don't want to either give up because it's not going according to plan, or go too far into an unhealthy bad thing. I've tried starving myself before. I didn't lose weight. That's not healthy.

So I hope that maybe you guys can keep me in check. Also I'm going to be keeping in contact with my friend kenny, who is also working on getting healthier. This blog isn't going to be just about that, but it

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