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15 December 2010

Dear (???)

Dear (???)

I don't know who you are yet but here I am writing this all the same. Maybe I already know you or maybe we've never met. All I know is whoever you are, you're going to be the next person to have my heart.

I hope you'll take that job seriously and handle it with care because it's been damaged before. And if you're holding it I know you will because you had to work hard for that little gem. You had to earn my trust and win me over which is certainly no simple task. You wouldn't be careless with what you worked so hard for.

I'd like you to know I'm fiercely loyal but I'm also extremely independent and defiant. I don't take orders well but well placed subtle suggestions are usually highly effective. I'm opinionated and strong willed and I usually have to get in the last word in an argument or a debate.

I'm very self conscious about things like my weight and my hair so teasing me if I'm in a bad mood could just provoke a defensive response. It's not that I view you as an attacker, but simply a trained response.

There are things I already know about you even though I may not have met you yet. I know that you are patient and kind. I know that you have some similar moral beliefs as my own because otherwise we would never be a good match. My morals are simple: don't hurt people intentionally. It's that simple.

Until we meet on these terms,

*a friend who would rather remain anonymous suggested I write a letter to my future relationship. Said this might help me to be more optimistic about the potential. I doubt it, but I wrote it. It took me 4 days, but there it is...
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