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14 December 2010

Today is 1/7

Today I started day 1 of the cabbage soup diet. On day 1 you can have soup, fruits excluding banana, and water, unsweetened tea, and cranberry juice.

So fat I've cheated a little. But it's MY diet and it wasn't much. I've had about 30 oz of soup, half a banana (the other half of alex's breakfast banana), some apricots, a really thin slice of cheddar cheese (sorry, but i couldn't cut some up for alex and not have any myself) and some unsweetened orange passionfruit jasmin green tea.

I started to do my tae bo cardio dvd then decided after half through it that I was not keeping up so I turned it off and turned on some music and danced around with alex. Not as strenuous but still moving and also I think alex counts as working out with a 20lb weight :-p

Just because I'm doing something new here, I'm going to post every day at least during this x day thing. So look forward to many blog posts!
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