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19 December 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

All credit for these wonderful 4 books goes to Ann

I first started reading this series before the first book became a movie and when I saw the first movie it was perfect. It was amazing in every way that made me love the books and I was shocked that they had managed to make that adaptation work. So often I'm disappointed with movies based on books.

The second movie was the worst disappointment. Somehow it was made worse by the greatness of the first. I'm not entirely sure why they did it, but they took the last 3 books and turned them into the second movie. They changed parts. They altered the timeline. They left out important bits. And why didn't they make 4 movies? 4 books, 4 movies. The math seems simple enough. Did they not have the money? Would the actresses not do 4 movies? What caused this? I don't know.

I will say I loved all the books. 4 girls, 4 summers, an amazing friendship and an amazing pair of pants that helped them grow and change into the people they became.

They are wonderful books, and if they aren't on your list of must reads, they should be. Maybe i should look up why they did that with the second movie.... *goes and does that*

Ok, apparently the second movie is based on the last book, so that doesn't explain why they didn't make the other 2 movies or why they would incorporate story from 2 & 3 into it. And leave out major things like who Bee is dating in the 4th book and why and when Bee really went to see her grandmother.

I don't know. I still recommend the books. Read them. Love the sisterhood. See yourself and your friends in them. It's what I did.
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