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18 December 2010

Today is 4/7

Today was the milk and banana day of the cabbage soup diet. You are allowed to have skim milk and bananas and it's supposed to keep you from wanting sweets, according to one site.

So far today I've had a spinach salad with dried strawberry, strawberry vinaigrette, sliced almond, and 2 slices of roast beef on it. A quart of 2% milk (i don't like skim) a honeycrisp apple, and I did "cheat" a bit. It's not really cheating imo because a. I admit it here on my blog and b. it's my diet so i can follow whatever plan I want to really. But my cheats were a 20 oz cherry coke that my super awesome coworker bought me, and 3/4 of a mcd's double cheeseburger that chris bought me on the way home from work that I shared with alex (hence the 3/4) so that wasn't that bad, and I've only drank like half the cherry coke so far.

Surprisingly i didn't have any bananas on my milk and banana day. Alex decided today instead of half a banana he wanted more so he got a whole one today.

I went super duper nutso cleaning at work, thoroughly swept the entire concrete pad. That was way more activity than I normally do at work because I did a very thorough job of it and ran back and forth helping customers and such. You can't really tell I did much though. It was all tiny dust and dirt that was all over the surface left over from the snow. We've been sweeping it up for a while now.

Oh, and yesterday I also ate a slice of some raisin nut bread that Judy, my son's dad's mom, makes during the holidays. I munched that last night while I was reading my book.

And OMG last night I watched wednesday's episode of survivor on the app on my phone and oh sad day! Jane got kicked off. I adored jane! I was so super happy when may finally got the boot cause he was trying to get rid of her. She was one of my favorites, I wish they hadn't kicked her off. Plus she looked like she was totally going to cry when she came up to sash, holly, and chase and they said they were thinking about getting rid of her. I think my new favorite is dan, cause somehow he's still there despite that he's one of the weakest. He's flown a bit under the radar.

Well that was a touch of digression... Anyway, I'll admit it, I said I wouldn't weigh myself til monday, I said I would have restraint. I have none. I didn't wait til monday. Maybe it's impatience, maybe it's habit because I was weighing myself fridays before, or maybe it's just me being me, but I did. before work it said 199.8 and after work it said 200.4 so that's actually pretty good. :-)

so... See you tomorrow!
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