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17 December 2010

Today is 3/7

Today I did badly because I was upset by stuff. No I'm not clarifying. About what I was upset about, I mean, I'm clarifying about the "did badly" part.

Today I was allowed soup, fruit, and veggies. Again I didn't follow the plan by having half a banana. I don't understand why you aren't supposed to have them anyway as they are highly nutritious. I didn't eat on my lunch break ay work because of issues. I had packed a lunch with soup, an orange, and some carrot sticks, but didn't eat it. I just recently ate a slice of turkey rolled with half a slice of havarti cheese, but even that I forced myself to eat.

Getting upset really kills my appetite no matter how hungry I was prior to that point. It's irritating because people sometimes think that overweight people are "emotional eaters" and that's the key to "fixing" their issues.

It's funny, I don't know how I reached this point in my life. I've been virtually anorexic, eaten normally, gone on diets, tried riding my bike, jogging, walking, lots of things. The 6 week challenge worked best for weight loss but I was constantly hungry and it's similar now. It's strange how the more I seem to eat, the hungrier I get. With the 6 week challenge you eat 3 meals and snacks in between, and I was always hungry. And now I can eat as many fruits and veggies and as much soup as I want but I'm just hungry again a couple hours later. What's the point of eating a massive plate of food that's good for you, just to feel hungry not even 2 hours later?

But I've learned since I was younger, a few tricks to distract myself from feeling hungry. I get busy, distract myself from it. Or I go to sleep, I'm never hungry for at least an hour after I wake up so that helps. I know that your body feels hunger for a reason but a massive plate of food should tide you over for at least 4 hours, imo.

I didn't exercise today.
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