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15 December 2010

Today is 2/7

So today was day 2. On day 2 you are supposed to eat soup and veggies. Well I was feeling extremely dizzy so again I'm not following to the exact specifications.

So far today I've had 2 bowls of soup, some salad with honey mustard salad dressing, 1 slice of deli havarti cheese, and 2 slices of thin sliced deli turkey breast, some baby carrots and cucumber slices, and the same green tea blend i had yesterday.

My exercise today was walking to and from the grocery store, which is actually quite the workout when you walk back home with all the groceries.

I feel a lot better now that I had a little protein and that makes me not feel bad about throwing the turkey and cheese on my salad. Also today you are allowed to have a baked potato with butter. I will have one before I go to sleep. Those who know my sleeping habits know I never go to sleep before 2am so another meal will be happening at some point tonight.

Anyway, I'm very much resisting the urge to step on the scale. I actually haven't weighed myself since wednesday (i think?) last week when I was about 205 which I've already said. My new weigh in day in monday so I'm not going to step on the scale til then. I think. Maybe. I might take a peek at some point.... Lol as you can see i have so much self-discipline... :-)
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