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11 January 2012

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

I am super sorry, blog readers, that my entire focus lately has been on food. But it really has been all that's on my mind lately. Or at least it seems that way, not that this is anything new but the amount of times it has come up as a blogging topic lately is bordering on pathetic, quite frankly. The reason it's increased, however, is because I am feeling a little bit more comfortable talking about it This is my own online place to throw out anything and everything that decides to cross my mind and people can choose to take it or leave it as they like. That is all their choice and they can voice their opinions in my comments area if they like. I only delete spam, not opinions.

So my topic? Funnily enough, not about food. It's a metaphor and it can apply to anything you like. So what is my cake? This blog is essentially about a wonderful bit of cake I wanted to enjoy for years but proximity and circumstances and various other aspects of everyday life made it improbable so for a while I gave up on being able to experience that cake for all it was worth. Then rather recently a series of fortunate events made the impossible very extremely possible and brought that cake right to my front door. Quite literally.

In case you haven't realized.... My Cake is my BOYFRIEND!

So for anyone who doesn't know, I'm dating a wonderful and amazing guy who is currently living in London. *insert sad face* That is really really far away. He's there because he's from there, and he's going to school there, but he spent the summer here visiting, which had it's ups and downs but overall I think while it could have been better planned out since there were a lot of things I wanted to do that we never got to go do, it still was nice. And he is basically the biggest, if not the only, reason I'm trying so hard to actually eat more.

And.... a lot of the time I honestly feel like I'm like... the worst girlfriend ever. I never seem to have anything interesting to say. I dwell on stuff a lot. I don't take compliments well. I'm really awesome at feeling like shit and putting myself down. And this whole paragraph after I just made a "new years resolution" to be more positive.... WTF!!!! I know... I'm not that great a girlfriend though. Ask any of my exes. Although thinking on that, I really wonder what any of them would actually say about me. (for the record there aren't very many) Actually, most of them called me a bitch, in various terms, at least once, some when angry, others just,,, I don't know why. Maybe they were right. Oh well.

Basically, I was watching How I met your mother earlier today, and they said that some relationships there is a "reacher" and a "settler" which means that in every relationship there is one person who has somehow snagged a person who is totally 100% out of their league, and the other person has settled for someone less than them. If I had to pick one of us for the "Settler" I would say that he is. Hands down he could do a million times better than me. And if he had to pick I know he would probably say the opposite. But it's not me who is settling because I'm definitely not even at his level. He's great and I am just.. relatively useless, as I said. And again with the not so positive outlook... well, I wouldn't call it negative though. I would say I'm being realistic by saying this.

Anyway.. so for now, I have my cake, and I get to eat it, and I love it. :) (and no, I don't mean that in a dirty way! Get outta the gutter!!!)

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