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26 January 2012

More Steppin'

14797 steps today...
I took about half of those at work and the rest all after work. I'm pretty happy with that. I'm still happy with yesterday mostly because it proved that without any extra effort, I walk more than 2-3k steps which is considered "sedentary" life.

That being said, I'm a little ticked off because everyone seems to think that I apparently do NOTHING at work. They seem to think I don't walk around. They seem to think I don't do anything but sit in my little box. I move. I clean the pumps. I sweep. I help customers. I collect the garbage. I stock things. I actually move quite a bit, as proven by my messing around with this pedometer and testing it's accuracy last night and as proven by the fact that I walked over 5000 steps between leaving the house yesterday, working, and coming home yesterday alone. And then today I walked over 7000 steps from the time I left home til getting upstairs into the locker room after I clocked off. And when I was looking at my pedometer I said something to one of my coworkers who was in the locker room too and she said "how in the world did you walk that much out at the fuel center?" in this totally incredulous tone that just reiterates that my coworkers seem to think I don't do ANYTHING!!! And the funny thing is that it REALLY isn't that hard to walk 7000 steps. I can do about 6500 on wii fit free step 30 minute twice in a row. (aka doing free step for 30 minutes 2 times = 60 minutes total)

So why people think that 7000 steps in an 8 hour shift where I'm NOT sitting at a desk in an office or something is difficult or insane or anything.. I'm pretty sure if they got their own pedometer they would be surprised by how much they walk at work... I was actually a little surprised when mine said I walked 5000+ steps yesterday, let alone today when it said I was over 7000 steps. But really that's not that much now that I think about it. considering that I had an hour lunch we can exclude that hour from activity, but I just said that I can walk 6500 steps in an hour on wii fit, and I'm saying I walk about 1000 steps an hour at work. That really isn't a ton of walking. But when they are recommending 10k steps per day for weight loss I'm sitting here thinking now... why is it so low???

I've already walked 14,797 steps today alone, and about half of that was while I was just watching An American Tail Fievel Goes West... which is apparently an hour and 16 minutes long. 10,000 steps seems really minuscule now, actually.

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