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16 January 2012

I Love Goodwill

So today at goodwill they had a sale on all apparel, 50% off all donated apparel. I really like going to goodwill for several reasons.
1. It's really close to my house.
2. It's relatively cheap.
3. I get an amazing amount of stuff for like.. half of less the price I'd get it from a normal store at.

So today's trip at a glance...
According to the receipt I saved $69.18! That's super amazing! AND that's only off of their original prices AT goodwill, so you can just imagine what I got and how much I saved had I gone to a regular store. And I wound up spending $82.52 but just thinking about what I saved....

So now you might be wondering what in the world I actually got? Well I'm here to tell you just that!!! I walked out of that place with 2 big bags full. And if you've never been to goodwill, their "big" bags are pretty dang big... And what was in those bags??

1 brown button up shirt and 3 blue polo shirts for me (for work)

And for alex in the pants department...
1 size 12 months (they look as big as the size 18 months) tan pants
7 size 18 month pants, 1 khaki, 1 brown courderoy, 1 grey sweats, the rest are jeans
1 size 18-24 month size jeans
7 size 24 month pants, 3 jeans, 3 sweat pants, 1... workout? type material? idk...
3 size 2T, 1 khaki, 2 cotton
1 size 3T blue sweat pants that I'm not 100% sure why I grabbed a pair of 3T pants
1 size... confusing pair of pretty cool looking dress pants that appear to have never been worn, they have a paper label still attached that says the waist and inseam and the inside says 3/6 but I held it up to alex and it's the right leg length and the waist was the same size as the other pants... so I don't know what "3/6" means since it doesn't say months or T or anything....
21 pairs of pants total (wow, didn't realize I grabbed that many)

And in the shirts department....
6 size 2T - a blue button up shirt with a sweatervest (too cute) a green polo w/ stripes, a grey pullover sweatshirt with a zipper at the neck, a brown polo w/ an island theme, a brown sweatshirt with semi-visible football helmet, lightning mcqueen sweatshirt
6 size 3T - another 2 lightning mcqueen/cars shirts, an orange t-shirt that says "stunt man", a grey and maroon striped polo, a tropical print button up, and a led zepplin t-shirt (couldn't pass that one up, 50% off it was $1)
1 size 4T ichiro shirt
1 size 5T cars shirt-lightning mcqueen
14 shirts total

And in the PJ department alex got...
1 pair of size 4T spiderman pj's
1 pair of size 2T green and blue plaid pj's
1 1 piece size 2T rocketship pj's

And in miscelanious other items...
1 red and black ages 2-4 raincoat
2 vhs movies of Stitch! the movie and the emperror's new groove
1 construction type vehicle toy

If you even just estimate the total cost at a regular store for all of those clothes for alex at say... $10 each not including the items under miscelanious or the shirts I got for myself, that would be 21+14+3=38*10=$380... And I spent about $300 less than that, and got 8 things I'm not including in that estimation. And $10 is a low estimation. New boy's pants in the store, the CHEAP ones, are $10 and they aren't jeans, those are the cotton knit pants.

Yeah, I went overboard on pants for alex, but he always seems to run out of those long before shirts come laundry time, so hopefully now we won't have that issue? Overall, I spent WAY more than I intended when I decided to make a trip to goodwill, but I'm satisfied with the way it went. :)

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