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25 January 2012

Today's Steps

So I got a pedometer from walmart for $5 and I used it for the first time today. I was very careful not to do any more walking than I normally would do at work in the first place just to see how that turned out and I was actually surprised by how much I walked at work. I put the pedometer on about the time I was headed out the door for work, and I looked at it after I got through the door back home and I had gone just over 5000 steps, so then I messed around testing how accurately it was recording my steps by just walking up and down the hallway in my apartment. It's more accurate when I'm actually walking forward than when I'm just stepping in place. When I was just stepping in place my counting my own steps was usually about 15 steps higher than the pedometer was reading. I just took it off and It's sitting at 7750 steps. I think that's an ok total for the day, considering I didn't put it on til I left for work, I was awake about 3 hours before I put it on, and it didn't record all the steps I was taking when I was basically marching in place, so I probably took closer to 8000 steps, but I'll stick with 7750 since that's what it says :)

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