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27 November 2010

Is it bad to be cynical?

I don't know anymore whether I'm cynical or just cold. Or if there is really any difference.

To be Cynical is to distrust or disparage (to belittle) the motives of others. To be bitterly distrustful, contemptuous (disapproval tinged with disgust) or pessimistic. To hold a low opinion of humanity and have a strong disbelief in the sincerity of human motives. Pessimistic is even listed as synonymous to cynical.

But I suppose that about sums up how I've related to most people. I distrust them except for a select small amount. I am unsure of what motivates them and distrust their motivations. I hope i don't belittle others but sometimes I really wonder...

I really thought hard about deleting my post from yesterday, not the one about the book, the other one. I read it over and it really hit me hard, it wasn't bad writing it because I was in one of those moos whee I just write and it pours out of my head but reading it after made me feel too exposed. But who rafa my blog anyway really? I have 3 subscribers and a few other readers but I'm sure a lot of views of my blog are me. I finally set my blog to ignore any views from my phone's browser so that should fix that issue...

I decided that to delete such an honest post would defeat the purpose of keeping records of my writing. So it stays.
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