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11 November 2010

Writing part.... 6?

I'd always wondered what it would be like to explore the country but I never thought I'd be doing it alone. I guess I always thought that Darius or my cousin Sherry would be with me. The truth was it was downright lonely getting into the car and driving around alone and I found myself commenting on things only to realize after I'd said it I was alone. I thought I was starting to lose it.

It was about 3 weeks after I'd left that I finally found someone and it was after I'd had a dream. A weird child-like stereo voice said, "Who you must seek is not in the legends, but is a legend. You must find a young girl with old woman's hair and pale skin. She is the one you seek and she is in the land of opportunity. California."

I called Darius and said, "do you know of a young girl with old hair and pale skin in california?"


"I'm supposed to look for her, a young girl with old woman hair and pale skin who lives in california. Ask Wren if he's seen her."

"Hey Wren! You have any visions about Clarissa meeting some young girl with old woman hair and pale skin in california?"

I heard a muffled "give me the phone" and an exchanging of hands occurred then in an 'i just woke up' kind of way Wren said, "what's up?"

"I had a dream where a voice told me I'd find a young girl with old woman hair and pale skin in california and she was the one I need to find. Know anything? Cause cali is a pretty big state to be blindly searching through."

"Nope, no clue who she is or where. I'll get back to you if I get any information but I'd just head there blind for now."

"Thanks. Can I talk to D again?"

"yea, one second."

Phone shuffle again. "hey, he help you out?"

"not quite, but he will let me know if he gets anything. For now I'm headed to california blind. Promise me you won't come down south looking for me."

"i shouldn't promise that but i will. I won't come looking for you."

"Thank you."

"I miss you."

"I miss you too. I even try to talk to you sometimes then remember you aren't here."

"heh, I do the same thing except Wren thinks I'm talking to him. Sometimes I get weird looks because I'll say something that's just an inside joke between us."

"heh, he wouldn't get a lot of things that are between us."

"You are driving safe, right? No driving when you are tired or speeding or anything."

"I'm a very safe driver, thank you very much."

"Yea, that's why your driving scares the living daylights out of both me and Wren."

I heard a faint reply from Wren, "Hey, leave me out of this."

Darius chuckled, "Wren objects."

"So I heard. Look, I'm gonna get off the phone and get going. Take care of yourself."

"will do, talk to you later."


I hung up the phone and started the car. Starting at the screen until it went black didn't help me any with knowing where to go so I just figured I'd start in the south and work my way north. Ready or not, California, here I come.
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