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29 November 2010

Nanowrimo! Success? Or Mirage of Success?

I started in on this thing called National Novel Writing Month a little late in the game but I also was using something I had already started here on my blog. I know that using something you're already working on before november is "bad" but it's what I did. And I thought "i can do this, 1667 words a day is cake!"

I wrote. I began with what I already had and I wrote off of that and I skipped chunks of story and I had no plot and slowly but surely I wrote a story. I had written bits off to the side that had no place yet in my novel but were a part of it. I doubled up on parts of the plot line on accident and didn't fix it. I wrote a horrible first draft that is far from done, STILL!

I was discussing word count with my friend justin last night and he pointed out to me that all those side bits that I hasn't added into my main document count as word count for my story. All those odds and ends, little paragraphs, snippets of dialog, scenes, scenarios, everything I'd written was still word count even if it didn't fit into my plot yet.

So tonight I took heed of that and copied all of it into a new document, the main piece, the odds and ends, all of it, then copied it into my novel update page on the nanowrimo site....

52,081 Words so far

That makes me a winner, but as you can see from reading this, my novel is still far from completion. Not that anyone expected me to write a publishing ready novel in 30 days, but I'm nowhere near a competed first draft even. But I wrote over 50k words in a month.. Lol
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  1. Mine is still a mess and needs a LOT of work before it's a real book but it got to that 50k mark and I said WOOHOOO! because that is the goal of nanowrimo. Just to get 50k onto the page so you have something to work with. The point is to get you started. Once you put in 50k words into a project your likely to not as likely to just give up on it since you made a big investment of time and effort as you would be if it were only a couple thousand words. I read some where..might have been one of their peptalk emails, that you should think of this as your 0 draft..not even a first draft. It's the draft of your first draft. So in short...YOU WIN! You accomplished what we were trying to do. We got 50,000 words of our stories written. That was the goal. The goal is not to publish what we wrote in november in december. the goal was to give us like half of a novel drafted so we cdan finish it over the next few months, edit it and actually have a real book.

    Congratulations on winning National Novel Writing Month! We have accomplished something!