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06 November 2010

Writing 4

This is not in any particular way a direct continuance of my lay writing post so if it doesn't make sense how it's arrived at this point in the story that's ok. It'll all make sense when I'm done writing. I'm using this for nanowrimo this year :-)

"I'm not hungry anymore," I quietly whispered to Darius, "It's been 2 hours since my last dose so I think it's safe to say I need to," I paused and swallowed hard, reminded of the cartoons we'd been watching, you know how they gulp and pull at the neckline of their shirt, "take the last potion and sleep."

Darius looked down at me. I could feel his worry through his presence but his voice was steady as a rock. "You'll probably be more comfortable waking up at your place so we set aside all the stuff we'll need to do the entire transformation in a bag. We just need to go wake up Wren again."

"He's not gonna be happy about that."

"Yea, he's like a cat, sleeps way too much. But if it's time then it's time. He'll just have to deal with it. He can sleep when you sleep."

Darius left the room to go get Wren and left me watching cartoons. I'd had 12 doses of their brew approximately every 10-20 minutes which was really worrying D. He thought it might mean something different and didn't like it. But there was no turning back now which was why the whole thing was forbidden I suppose.

We all got into Darius's car and drive back to my place where they set up my bedroom with crystals and candles.

"This might not taste very good but it'll taste better then your last dose of brew did," Wren said, offering me a small cup of deep red liquid.

"Once you drink this you need to go lay down immediately. We'll take care of the rest." Darius pulled me to him and hugged me tight then backed up.

"Ok, bottoms up? Cheers? Um.... I'm just going to drink this now." I gulped down the contents of the glass which oddly tasted like salty copper. Not good but not totally awful either. I instantly started to feel woozy and made my way down the hallway to my bedroom slowly and carefully.

I laid down on the soft bed careful not to disturb any of the crystals and stared up at the ceiling. I could feel Darius and Wren walking down the hallway towards my room and I could also feel their anxiety mounting.

They entered the room wearing dark hooded robes and lit the candles they had placed in the 4 directions. Then they placed their hands palms down over my body and began chanting in a strange and unfamiliar language with an odd cadence.

As if they had willed it, though I knew it was the last potion i had drank, my eyelids grew heavy. I turned my gaze to Darius's eyes and felt a rush of emotions that I couldn't distinguish from one another passing through him. The more I tried to identify them the more complex and entangled they seemed to become. Or that may have been the tiredness. Then the sleep overtook me.

Strangely, Darius and Wren's presences faded and I briefly felt overwhelmingly alone. Then what felt like a thousand presences and somehow yet only one, encapsulated me. Instead of feeling claustrophobic I felt warm and comforted by the pressure of this entity.

Child-like voices surrounded me chattering, indistinguishable from one another until as one they seemed to recite something. No, not as one, more that there was a singular voice and the others slightly trailed behind as though they were trying to be in unison but not quite successful. Like an echo in a large hall.

"When you awaken from this dream, little one, you shall be of the immortals. With your death, we give you life. Your senses, we enhance. You're a superior being. We see your heart is pure and untainted and that you knew not what would become of you in the beginning. You must embrace your fate. Your friends are arrogant and we apologize but though we will bestow many gifts upon you we must also curse you. They have arrogantly thought to defy fate and in doing so have created their undoing.

"They do not fear what your fate may be needlessly. Forget what you think you know of those who dwell in darkness and feed upon the blood of humans. Those myths and fairytales know little of the truth. As do your friends.

"Your acute vision will require the darkest protection in sunlight. A whisper half a mile away will sound like it was whispered into your ear. all of your senses will be enhanced as this including your 6th, your psychic abilities which until now lay dormant. You have an extraordinary ability to perceive other's energies and emotions. You always have and now it is enhanced.

"You will drink human blood and while this will be vital to your existence, it is not necessary every day, nor is it your solitary form of sustenence. You may learn not to kill, drink without killing. You shall not be forced to stay indoors during daylight hours. You are not required to sleep.

"Very little can hurt you, including garlic, wood, crosses, holy water, and silver. Those are human myths used to placate themselves into thinking they have some kind of safety. The myth of being sired stems from the process of demonification.
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