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27 November 2010

Way to piss me off?

You want to know the perfect way to piss me off? Hop on messenger after reading my blog posts and wait til I log in to call me a fucking attention whore. Well Fuck you! I post things on my blog for ME! It's not there for you or anyone else. I share with the world because I know some people will read it and maybe someone can relate to my life but I don't do it for a god damn pity party. I'm not an attention whore. Fuck you. Don't read it if you don't like it. I know you fucking read it and don't comment because you know, god forbid somebody actually know you are reading them. All you do is call me names and shit. Why are we friends again...? Oh, but that's a rhetorical question because I blocked you on messenger and you sure as hell won't ager on my blog...
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