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30 December 2011

I'm kind of annoyed

So we have this work website that has a blog on it and they post comments from people who work for the company on the blog. I'm kind of annoyed, ticked off, pissed off, actually, that I'm sick of my comments being rejected for the blog. I write a comment, it goes on the blog, other people write comments with differing views than mine, some downright attacking my views, I write another comment, it gets rejected, I write another comment, it gets rejected, other people try to write comments, they get rejected, and so here I am left to blog on my own blog all about for irate I am about this entire fucking thing!


my comment that was rejected (with slight editing for quality purposes and any parenthesis held therein are my own comments on it, not part of the original comment)

Ok, for the record I'm not "looking down" on the people using EBT for assistance. And it's one thing to give your family a treat. It's a completely different thing to have a cart full of processed junk food and very little or absolutely NO fruit and veg. I'm not saying that people need to live off of bread, water, and cheese. I'm saying that people need to be smarter about what they are putting in their cart, on their table, feeding their children, because there is a reason 2/3 of the american population is overweight/obese. (that might be incorrect, but I remember hearing that, I know 1/3 are obese, it seems about right that another third would be overweight but not obese, leaving the final 1/3 to be normal or underweight) It quite possibly has very little to do with the AMOUNTS of food we are consuming but much more to do with the TYPES of food we are consuming. I've said it before and I've got no problems saying it again. I have studied foods, nutrition labels, websites with nutrition facts, watched shows like supersize vs superskinny on bbc4, jamie oliver's food revolution, etc. and it's all about the RIGHT kinds of foods in the RIGHT amounts to get the RIGHT nutrition for your body to run off of and a cart full of WHITE bread and WHITE rice and (chips, snack cakes, soda pop, etc.) boxed pre-packaged meals with TONS of SUGAR and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and SATURATED FAT and SODIUM is NOT HEALTHY!!! I'm not saying a bar of chocolate once in a while or a can of coke once a week is going to kill you but our western diets are clogging our arteries, raising our blood pressure, killiong our immune systems, giving us diabetes, and making us overweight which in and of itself causes a lot of health problems up to and including certain cancers. Not that my eating is much better but that is because I have an eating disorder, which I've said before. I restrict myself for the most part by only allowing myself a certain number of calories in the day. I'm doing a little bit better but it's all in baby steps made forcing myself to eat 3-4 times a day and a minimum of 1500 calories and not weighing myself more than once a week, which again is something I've mentioned in previous comments on previous blog posts. I've only been making these baby steps for about 3 or a bit more weeks and I'm still counting everything I'm eating but at least I'm eating more. (I probably could have left that whole bit out since I've mentioned most of it before, and it was a bit... self-focused?) My eating disorder is a numbers game that is really wreaking havoc on my life but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to good and bad benefits of food. Because believe me, if you ask anyone who has an eating disorder about food we might have a distorted view of personal body image and a screwy view of even the good fats but anything else and we usually know as much or more than a professional nutritionist about what is healthy and what food items contain in the way of essential vitamins and minerals. And back to the EBT issue, I'm saying that I would have very little qualms with accepting state assistance with my grocery bill IF THEY WOULD HELP ME!!! Which as I said I get WIC checks and I get state medical for my son to cover what my insurance otherwise wouldn't cover. And I didn't say the award was a bad thing since someone said "I wouldn't see it as a bad thing" (they actually said something not quite in those words, but basically that was the gist) but instead I was pointing out that while our store is donating unused food to the local food banks, some of their workers are then GOING to said local food banks and I wondered if they realized that. As for the person who said what the minimum wage in ohio was, it's cheaper to live in the midwest than it is to live here which is part of the reason your minimum wage is lower. Washington state has one of the highest minimum wages in the entire united states. I have no issues with people who accept state assistance. I've received EBT benefits before. I'm currently receiving some benefits not including EBT. Maybe you should reread what I said in my last comment. I wish I could get EBT benefits so I could put MORE of the fresh unprocessed and healthier foods on my table for myself and my son. I take a little bit of pride (a little bit not because I take little pride in it, but because I can only provide so much...) in the fact that I feed my son as much healthy food as I possibly can. And we'll just see if this gets posted...

That being said, You don't get the other comments or my first comment or anything else because 1. I don't have that at the moment, and 2. that's their post, not mine to publish anywhere else. Yes, I'm kind of ticked off that people mis-interpreted my initial comment. I said something about how our store on the website has a post about they donate food that is still good but unable to be sold in the stores anymore, to a company or something that then gets it to the local food banks. I said that's great that we aren't wasting food, but brought into it, do they realize their workers are going to the food banks to help make ends meet. I mentioned my frustration that I see people going through the checkout lines with tons of junk food, not everyone, but some of them, and then paying with EBT cards. For those who don't know, EBT cards are Electronic Benefits Cards used by people receiving state assistance with things like Food Stamps. Instead of giving out little booklets of dollar amounts of bills, you get basically a debit card that you can only use for the specific allowed items that you can get with food stamps, or sometimes you also get cash benefits. Some people took what I said to be that I was looking down on these people for having EBT cards, for needing state assistance, for asking for help, which was not what I was saying at all. I was not upset at them getting the help they needed. I was upset with what kinds of food are allowed on this, and what some people buy with their cards. WIC is 1000% a better program as you are only allowed the specific food items listed and only certain foods are even acceptable for that. You get milk, cheese, cereal (only specific cereals like plain life, cheerios, kix) eggs, peanut butter, beans, peas, lentils, juice, etc. You can't get a sack of potato chips or a 12 pack of coke with a WIC check, that unhealthy stuff isn't allowed. I'm even more ticked off that my reply, the comment you got to read above, albeit a bit long and a bit unrelated to the blog itself but full of great stuff in my personal opinion (as if I would have another than my own personal one... O.o), was rejected. Maybe later on I'll feel a little less pissed off and resentful towards this censorship, or maybe I'll start to really agree that it probably wasn't all that related and see that they had a point in refusing to post it. Maybe later on I'll be like "yeah, maybe I shouldn't have said that" even here on my blog. But for not, this is how I feel, raw and uncensored. Take it for what it is....

oh, and I added this to the bottom of my blog itself in it's entirety, but just to be on the safe side and cover my ass, the brilliant "PR" people at my work would like us to say.....
Everything on this blog is my personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the Kroger Co. family of stores or any of it's affiliates.


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