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09 October 2010

October 8 weigh in and new goals

So I used this week as a slack off, eat junk, be lazy week. I ate garlic fries and drank soda at the mariners games friday and sunday, I had a dominos pizza and cheesy breadsticks monday-wed, I had a corn dog and potato wedges, the list goes on. I didn't try to work out, I went for one walk from my apartment to the office to pay my rent and back. It was a lazy week compared to the other weeks. Well, I did climb stairs at the m's games and such too.

So riddle me this... I weighed in today at 204.8 lbs. How? 206.0 last friday having gone down only 0.8 working so fucking hard and then turn around this week eating crap and not working out and losing 1.2?? *sigh*

I'm working on the plan. It's planned but to type it would take longer than I want to type on my phone right now and also this blog was STARTED over 14 hours ago. Posting it now. :-)
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  1. Probably should have changed the title when i didn't add the goals onto this blog.