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29 October 2010

Why Geek/Gamer Girls Make Amazingly Awesome Girlfriends

I was browsing the internet the other day looking for reasons why geek/gamer girls are so awesome. I found the net highly lacking in this quality information and I'll just chalk it up to the fact that people sometimes still think we don't exist. Baffling, I know, but truth. Go ahead and walk into the auction house in WoW and announce you are a real life girl if you don't believe me. You get everything from people hitting on you based off your avatar to calling you a liar and telling you you suck at playing.

Apparently, in my experience of playing mmo games, being a female gamer means one or more of these things..
1) you are lying and really a guy
2) you are someone's girlfriend
3) you suck at the game
4) you don't exist
5) you are fat
6) you are ugly

Now that's not very fair is it? Thankfully there are more of us than most realize and we are much more obvious about our existence than our mystical brethren. (sasquatch, nessie, santa clause, etc.) We can bust these myths that we don't exist. We can stand on our own 2 feet and prove we are just as good as the boys and we will pwn your 4$$ (can I get a hell yeah? XD)

This list isn't just about geek/gamer girls being awesome girlfriends, but about us in general being awesome altogether. It's that anything we can do that us awesome is everything that makes us great girlfriends and then some.

1) We know how to play video games. Yes, there are girls out there who love to play games like The Sims and Mario Party. I'm one of them, but gamer girls like to play rpg and fps just as much as those games, if they like those. Some girls can't stand those other games.

2) She more than likely owns several pairs of shoes like any other girl but she's likely to swoon over those +5 agility boots in the ah she's trying to bid for than those 4" stilettos at the mall.

3) Speaking of the mall, the only times you'll find her there is if there's a movie theater and a new movie she wants to see is playing, if there is an arcade with games she loves, if there's a collectable shop inside, or if she was dragged there by someone else. Unless she's like me and likes walking around the mall just to walk around the mall sometimes. :-)

4) She's the kind of girl who will stand in line camping out with you for 2 days to get into the latest Star Trek or Harry Potter flick. She won't mind if she misses a shower or had to sleep in a sleeping bah on the cement. Plus you can take turns holding the spot for each other's bathroom breaks.

5) She is smart. In general geeky girls tend to be pretty intelligent. You won't be hearing your buddies cracking dumb blonde jokes behind your back about her.

6) She knows how to read instruction manuals, and usually will. Not one to arrogantly throw out the manual and the box immediately after taking thee product out, your cool calm collected geeky girl might first try to work her powers to use products before reading it, but at least she kept it in case that failed. Oh yea, and she understands the manual will enough to follow it too.

7) She isn't overly needy but when she wants your attention she knows how to get it. She isn't going to interrupt your raid, but she is going to expect you to put down that xbox controller and have some dinner at the table once in a while. If you spend her birthday or your anniversary on gaming all day i can guarantee she'll be pissed, but an all day star trek movie marathon might be right up her alley for those special days.

8) LAN party partner? Check. Halo teammate or opponent? Check. Raid party member? Check. She'll go to that movie, that convention, that museum exhibit. She'll invest time in your interests because she cares about you and what you like.

The fact is I could go on but I'll hand off to my friends now. I asked a few friends to contribute to my list and let them know I'd give them credit for it. I'd never steal their contributions and call them my own obviously. :-)

So first we have Daniel, if you would like to follow this wonderful fellow who from my understanding always follows back on twitter he is @twisteddaniel

1) Because you can both be making SciFi sounds together while driving

2) When you extend your hand for automatic doors you don't feel like a complete idiot

3) People will think you're speaking in code all the time when you have a Geek Girlfriend

4) Geeks make best lovers due to excessive electronics. *tap tap, circle, slide tap tap, eight figure, etc.*

5) When you have geek girlfriend, everyone is secretly jealous. Or at least other geeks

6) You always have a teammate when playing videogames in your mother's basement

*tiffany note* I don't necessarily agree with the "in your mother's basement" part of that last one

Next up is the wonderful and awesome Tim from oregon, who I also met through the twitterverse. He's pretty cool to chat with. On twitter he is @kingisaaclinksr

1. More tolerant of your gaming habits, because let's face it, they would be right there, playing with you ;)

2. Be open to more things like Conventions or Fanfests

3. Would discuss geeky and/or tech topics.

4. Would watch Anime with me, that would be pretty darn cool

5. Wouldn't mind my habit of collecting things, even if I don't right now.

6. Could have a serious Kirk VS Picard argument ;)

7. Would have less issues around technology, or even be better at understanding them than me :)

I meant to have more contributions but out didn't pan out. Might post their stuff later.
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