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03 October 2010

Reassessing the Situation and Applying Science. And glitter :-)

Ok so I said I'd update you all with my reassessed goals and plans so here I am again. I weighed in at 206.0 on friday and yes 0.8 lbs loss is still a loss but I was disappointed in myself and I want to change that. My goals may or may not be too steep for me, but I'll deal with that as soon as that time comes.

It takes 3500 calories burnt off to lose a pound of body fat. That information is in my last blog. So the accurate way to figure out how to do this would be to mark down everything you do during the day no matter how mundane and then figure out how many calories each burns. Washed the dishes? Took a shower? Sat at the movies? All counts. And at the same time add in how much and what you arte eating. Then you would adjust your intake and output to be equal and hopefully you calculated right and have discovered your maintenance level. That's too much work. I'm going to do the quick version.

My version means I just pick a number to set my caloric intake at. Then I'm going to set an activity increase level. Then I'm going to weigh myself friday and set from there new weekly goals.

And the glitter? I'm going to trey my best to feel pretty and happy with myself every day no matter what my goal is and how far or close I an to it. The point of my weight loss is to be healthy and happy and most of the time I'm not really either. Unless I'm tickling alex.
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