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29 October 2010

Misunderstandings... -shrug-

Is it fair to blame me for you getting yelled at, as a pic, when I took too long of a lunch? You were supposed to move tables with another employee which now isn't going to get done and you're going to get yelled at by another manager because of me? I'm sorry but that does not compute.

What happened? A manager did indeed call me and ask me to take a half an hour lunch from 7-7:30 but then he said in that same call to make it 6-6:30. When the person covering my lunch came out I said "it's half an hour, right?" he said no, it's an hour. So I tried to call both the 2621 & 2605 phones and got absolutely no answer. I told the person covering my lunch I'd check the chart inside, I did, it said 6-7 in pen changed from my originally scheduled lunch. So I took an hour.

I was never contacted and told during my lunch to come back. Nobody called the break room, I never heard an overhead for me, nothing. So to say it's not his fault at all is asinine as he's a manager, a Person In Charge, a 4th. I'm a peon. If anything comes of this via manager of discipline I'll just tell them exactly what happened. I'm not going to let this bother me anymore tonight because it's pointless to dwell on. I got it out here. I'm done thinking about it.
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