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05 October 2010

Costumes and Cosplay

I went to walmart saturday night and got alex a little baby yoda costume and a superman costume. They are both too big but that just means he can wear them longer. But now my question is this-why don't costume makers make BABY costumes like these? I had to get toddler sizes which is why they are too big.

Anyway, I'd like to talk for a moment about costumes and cosplay. They are the same thing but called differently when you wear them at different times, I think. Say if my son is superman for halloween that typically is a costume but if I take him to comic can like that it is now cosplay. Of course some cosplay is 100% impractical for halloween. I suppose they are interchangeable terms though, either way you look at it.

So now alex has a couple costumes. :-)
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  1. I'm still available to go thrift store hopping if you want. We could try going to some baby consignment shops (the cheap stores) to see what costumes they have for him.