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19 September 2010

Autistic Child Case

I'm recommending to you all this interesting article on about a 9 year old autistic girl whose family is receiving money in her individual case. read the article and some of the below comments before you read ther rest of my blog entry or it might not make a lot of sense.

I found this article on my cousin's facebook page and I thought it was too cool not to share with you all. I think it's interesting to know that there are some links to vaccines and autism but the reality is that this is a case specific event. The specific underlying factors in this case are what made it through, and those are not necessarily the same for a lot of cases of autism.

The thing people don't seem to grasp about autism is that it is a spectrum disorder. Some people are totally debilitated by it while others are relatively ok. some people are super smart and have social issues that no amount of "socialization" fixes and some people lack mental capacity due to it. The causes aren't really known but it could just be hard wired into our brains.

People try so hard to find cures and pills to make things all better but sometimes a disorder is just a disorder. Maybe you can't fix it. I think some people are just happy to know there is a reason why they are the way they are. I know I'd partially be happy to officially know if I'm aspie or not. That is an autism spectrum disorder. I'm worried that if I am it might be an issue but then I'm also curious because it would explain a lot. It's weird because I'd like to know but not and it wouldn't change who or how I am but just put an explanation behind it. It's not like I'm not smart because anyone who knows me at all knows that, but I am lacking in some social skills, I'm very "stick in the mud" opinionated. I'll listen to other's opinions but I rarely change mine. I ramble on about random things that most people don't care about. There are other things too but mostly if you look back in my posts there is a site a friend linked to me and it has a test on it. Every time I've taken that test it says I'm probably an aspie.

Anyway, moving on, I wanted to make a commentary on the things listed below by the "nazi conspiracy theorist" who is trying to say that getting vaccinated is causing brain damage. I know that person is saying a lot of things and i know the government isn't the best at letting us know everything but I seriously doubt that evey single person who has gotten vaccinated is brain damaged due to those vaccines. I for one haven't gotten a yearly flu shot and I don't have any autoimmune disorder or anything from childhood vaccines. Of course that person would argue that I don't get yearly flu shots so of course I'm not damaged. But the reason I don't get the shot has nothing to do with mercury or conspiracies and more to do with I feel that my body can handle the germs of the world. I haven't had the flu in... I can't even remember how long, and I get maybe a cold every winter. if I'm unlucky I get 2. I got the h1n1 last year before alex was born only for him. and while I was in the hospital I got the whooping cough one for him too.

I think you'd have to be partly insane to believe everything that person is saying about getting vaccinated. vaccines do help the very young to make it through their childhood healthy. I wouldn't doubt that children survive fine without the vaccines but I would not want to risk my child getting something like the measles or small pox and getting really sick because I didn't get him vaccinated. I do not plan on getting him vaccinated for the flu yearly because I don't think it's necessary. Unless he has any underlying health issues I don't see a problem with not getting one. I have a healthy kid who made it through his first cold and flu season with one cold. I don't shelter him, he goes out and spends time around people. We go to mariners games and conventions and we went to the fair. We ride the bus places and he is a happy healthy kid.

I didn't mean to get off topic. I know I kind of got focused in on my life and my kid but this is my blog too. lol
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