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09 September 2010

Weight Goals Outlined

I felt like I needed an official goal outlined for my weight. As you all know, my lovely readers, I'm trying to be healthier for my son. Well, and for myself. Some know of my "project x" web series plans and I want to slim down a bit before filming happens too. I know that sounds a bit shallow, vain, etc. But hey, at least I'm being honest.

So I set myself a difficult but not impossible goal. If I exceed my goal 1 week then that means I work just as hard the next week. If I fail to reach my goal 1 week I work harder the next week. If I don't reach my goal that's ok but it's a goal ZONE I'm trying for and the lower it gets the farther apart the zone gets. My goal is to reach 135-140 lbs by my february 4, 2011 weigh in.

I will weigh in every friday around noon and record my weight here on my blog. I will also list here my goals for every week now on this blog. Also on my friday blogs I will list the previous weeks goal + success or failure to meet it and also the next week's goal.

To reach my goal...
Sept 10 weigh in should be at or below 211.5
Sept 17 weigh in 208.2-207.8
Sept 24 weigh in 204.8-204.2
Oct 1 weigh in 201.4-200.6
Oct 8 weigh in 198.0-!97.0
Oct 15 weigh in 194.6-193.4
Oct 22 weigh in 191.2-189.8
Oct 29 weigh in 187.8-186.2
Nov 5 weigh in 184.4-182.6
Nov 12 weigh in 181.0-179.0
Nov 19 weigh in 177.6-175.4
Nov 26 weigh in 174.2-171.8
Dec 3 weigh in 170.8-168.2
Dec 10 weigh in 167.4-164.6
Dec 17 weigh in 164.0-161.0
Dec 24 weigh in 160.6-157.4
Dec 31 weigh in 157.2-153.8
Jan 7 weigh in 153.8-150.2
Jan 14 weigh in 150.4-146.6
Jan 21 weigh in 147.0-143.0
Jan 28 weigh in 143.6-139.4
February 4 final weigh in 140.2-135.8

The first weight listed is decreasing at 3.4, the second is decreasing at 3.6. Each week the closer i am to the lower number, the better. But the higher number is there to help me not get frustrated with myself, angry, give up, etc. I was hoping for more readers interested in keeping me on track but so far i haven't posted my weight in a few weeks and nobody has commented. It's ultimately my choice but the thought of having to check in and having people knowing what is going on was supposed to help. It's hard to want to exercise when it's hot outside, or you've been at work all day. It's hard to want to eat healthier when it's easier to just get deli food... Just saying....

I know I'll probably hit a plateau at some point before my goal. Maybe several. But my point is to TRY. If I stay stuck too long I might extend my deadline a little. See, there are several reasons for that peculiar date.
- It's right at the start of con seaton for me.
- It's approximately 5 months away (give or take a week) and that seems reasonable.
- It gives me maintenance time before summer (can I get there AND stay there until summer hits?)
- my original goal was my birthday to new years and this is the closest reasonable time period/weight goal ratio now
- Avoidance of major workouts happening in the summer heat.

There are more reasons, but I'm sure you're sick of reading my blog now, lovely reader. Have a good day. I'll be posting my (highly unlikely under 211.5) weight tomorrow.
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  1. Wow.. those are some specific goals each week. Not to discourage you but I'm on week five of my get healthy program and lost 1.5 lbs.. but I haven't been eating properly. I think if you work hard and stick to your plan you can reach your goals.. I look forward to following you progress.