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25 September 2010

September 24 Weight Update

So I tried to type out this whole blog entry yesterday with my phone but lately my phone has been doing this whole "I'm going to quit typing on the keyboard for you hahaha" thing and pissing me off.

So I'm posting it a day later but I did write it yesterday.

So I'm trying really hard not to eat "bad" foods but it's hard to change 23 years worth of eating habits in a few weeks. They say it takes about a month to create a habit so I hope it'll get easier...

Anyway, this week's goal was Sept 24 weigh in 204.8-204.2
And I weighed in at 206.8 so I didn't make the goal. But i also have yet to make my week's goals so maybe I'm being a little too ambitious with the amounts? Or maybe i'm not putting in nearly enough effort?

Last week's weigh in was 209.6 when the goal was 208.2-207.8 which was a loss of 2.4 and that puts this week's loss at 2.8 also, but that's no 3.4-3.6 and I know it's still good but it's frustrating.

I've cut down my portions, been eating kinda better, been going on walks, and it's just slow going.

Next week's goal is the Oct 1 weigh in for 201.4-200.6 but I don't think I'm losing 5lbs this week with my current rate of 2.5 ish.

My goals
- no fried deli food
- no soda
- no desserts over 150 cal
- keep going for walks
- try to do a workout dvd twice (or more) this week (i have 3, 2 from mcd's when I worked there and a tae bo cardio)
- Drink more water, this is really hard for me. I don't know why, but it is.

See you next week (or before then if I feel like posting and you feel like reading)
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