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03 September 2010

Writing part 2

I gasped in pain as I felt it spread from my stomach throughout my body. I couldn't think of anything else, not even the red haze that had flooded my vision. It was as though all my limbs had fallen asleep and were experiencing simultaneous "pins and needles" only worse.

Then just as suddenly as it started, the pain was gone without even a lingering memory of it. I tested out my fingers slowly then finding them ok I stretched out and hopped off the counter. The world was still red and no amount of rubbing or blinking was changing that.

I looked around and then focused on Darius. He had a massive grin on his face so naturally I pulled back and punched him straight in the jaw. His head whipped around them he snapped back to face me. Instead of being angry, he laughed.

"What the hell, D!" I glared at him.

"Feeling better?"

"Wha-um well actually," I paused and stretched again. I looked myself up and down critically. I jumped around and danced a little while Darius looked on amused. "Ok, yes, I feel better. In fact I feel better than I've ever felt in my life. Now what did you give me?"

"Just a little witches brew. You'll need more but that was the worst of it. It shouldn't hurt more but it'll taste worse and worse. You'll die without it though."

I stopped dancing around and glared at him some more. "Well thanks for warning me before I drank it," I spat at him sarcastically, "and the red vision?"

"That'll go away with more brew. You shouldn't complain. You were dying already anyway or I wouldn't have done this to you."

"Wait, what?"

"You should have gone to the dr. You have extremely low blood pressure. Low bone density. No appetite. You're never comfortable, always hurting yourself, getting bruises. Your clothes are practically falling off of your skinny body. Headaches, abdominal cramps, did you really think you were ok? Honey, it's called cancer. Fast spreading and untreated for years. We're fixing you now. Don't worry about it."

I sat down hard in a chair and let that sink in. No, it can't be cancer.only old people and smokers and people who used tanning beds got cancer. Not trying to graduate from community college people. People like me didn't get cancer. My red vision got blurry as the tears started, my mind still reeling from the blow.

"Wait, how do you know I have cancer, Darius? I haven't been to see a doctor since high school and if I have it then it's never been diagnosed."

Darius made a pained face before he turned away from me and busied himself with getting a glass of water. He cleared his throat and slowly filled the glass. "Do you remember back when we first met?" he asked as he turned back to face me.

"Sure, it was my senior year of high school. My cousin Sherry convinced me to go to prom and promised me she had a cute date for me. I was going to back out at the last minute because I didn't have a dress and I'd gotten some particularly ugly bruises on my arms. Then you showed up on my doorstep with a beautiful purple dress with long mesh sleeves."

"Sherry warned me you might not have anything to wear. I just got something I liked."

"It was perfect."

"That dress fit you prefect and it was a size 4. I know you aren't one of those eating disorder girls, but that dress would be way too big for you now. You might not have noticed but the double digits aren't the place to reside."

"I know that but you try explaining that to my stomach. And speaking of explaining, how do you know I have cancer?"

"I knew things were wrong, I just didn't know how bad until a little over 2 years ago. You accidentally cut your hand and couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I said I could help and took off your bandage, put on some cream, and it stopped. Well my cousin helped me out and tested your blood. You came out positive for cancer, and positive for traits."


"Yes, traits are the only reason it's ok for me to give you the brew. If you weren't positive it would just kill you."

-I'll write more at a later date..
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