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21 September 2010

I Sell Cancer

I know that's a dramatic title for my post but I literally sell nothing that is good and healthy except maybe the beef jerky. I sell candy, gum, 5 hour energy, chips, and tobacco products. Our biggest seller being cigarettes. Hence, I sell cancer.

Every time I id someone and their birthday is between 92 and 85 I want to scream at them. Especially those 92-90 little kids just turned 18 going out buying cigarettes and even sometimes getting them for their friends who are underaged. I know they are old enough to make their own decisions but it's not smart to smoke. It's not cool. It's not healthy. It's not better than doing illegal stuff as some lady tried to tell me once. It's slinky paying astronomical prices for something that will ultimately make you very sick if you continue using it.

There are little kids dying of cancer and have no choice and here you have people willingly going out and buying something that is known to cause cancer. There are people around you who wil get sick because of you. Did you think about that? Your significant other later on down the road could get cancer just because they were around you while you smoked. Or your kid could. Did you know new studies show smoking while pregnant also gives your child a higher risk of becoming addicted to nicotine if they ever smoke?

I used to smoke so don't think I'm on some high horse ranting with no knowledge of what it is like. Of course my quitting circumstances were basically keep feeling insanely nauseous and possibly puke or quit smoking and be healthier for both myself and my baby. I took quitting, obviously. Not to mention good incentive was last year I lost 3 amazing people to cancer.

The first to get sick was my grandpa, he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 07 and he went through chemo and radiation like a champ. He was told he had 2 weeks to 2 months when he was diagnosed and he lived about 2.5 years so just goes to show how wrong doctors can be.

The next to get sick was my great uncle darl. He got pancreatic cancer and he passed away in november last year, the last to go.

And then there was my great uncle Bruce, he had a brain tumor. It was weird because his was so sudden and unexpected. I remember being told he fell down in the early morning and nobody knew why and he was taken to the hospital. Then I was told he had an infected tooth our something and the next thing I knew they were saying he had a tumor. Turned out all those years he spent in the navy and all as a dental tech with the x-ray machines have him brain cancer and he was gone so fast I was shocked. I couldn't believe it.

Then in january while I'm trying to find out information about my dad's family to get them birth announcements, I find out that my dad's dad passed away in january so we all took a trip to southeast for that funeral.

My cousin's friend just died of cancer. My friend just told me her grandma has between hiding from the family that she has breast cancer and probably won't make it to christmas. My other friend said her oldest sister didn't tell the family that for the last 2 years she's been getting chemo and stuff for skin cancer and she only told them at her younger sibling's birthday part because she was finally "in remission" or whatever. My cousin's cat had skin cancer even so anyone can be touched by cancer whether they have human family or just pets.

I guess my point is... Put on sunblock and put down the cigarette and don't get cancer.
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