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18 September 2010

September 17 (18) weight

So I was at the puyallup fair yesterday and seriously I don't know anyone who can eat well at the fair. I got scones, the best scones ever. It's like how I can't go to a mariners game and not have garlic fries, puyallup fair scones are exactly the same situation.

I walked a ton, alex couldn't go on any of the rides because he's too short/young, but I went on the roller coaster twice, the swings that go up in the air and around, I went down the giant slide with apparently over 100 stairs, on the haunted mansion ride which was short and surprisingly actually scared me, and then I rode on the antique carousel. (not in that order)

I got a pass from my work that came with 6 rides which is the only reason I went on any rides except the carousel. I got $10 in food from that pass too and at the fair i ate a cheeseburger, fries, 2 scones, some milk, an elephant ear, and tons of water.

We got to see cows and llamas and alpacas and baby pigs. Alex loves seeing the animals so that was nice. He seemed most interested in the extremely active baby pigs. Oh, and we saw some of the 4h dogs.

Getting on with things, I weighed myself yesterday morning but I don't remember what it was and I forgot to post so I did it again this morning and....
This week's goal was 208.2-207.8 so I did not reach this week's goal.
Last week I was 212 so that was a change of 2.4 which is still pretty good.

Sept 24 weigh in 204.8-204.2 <- next friday

My goals for the next week
- again no fried deli food as I failed that last week
- keep trying to go for walks
- no soda
- no deserts over 150 calories
- more water (I'm really bad about drinking water)
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  1. Desserts... I'm not eating desserts over 150 calories.

    Not that I'm eating deserts either.