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28 September 2010

You Are Not Me!

You are not me and thank all that is good I'm not you because I think I would hate myself. I make decisions regarding my life while taking into account that I do have a little boy to take care of too. And I'd like to think I'm doing an ok job of that.

I took my son to emerald city comic con and sakura con back in march and april this year. I also took him to an improv show with 3 cast members of the guild. Yes, he was just under/over 4 months but I don't think there was anything wrong with what I did.

I have been criticized for everything from what I did and didn't do while i was pregnant to what I let my child play with or where I let him play. Places I take him, things I talk about doing, things I let him eat. I'm sick of it.

Are you his mother? No? Then stfu!

Are you a mother or father? Yes? Then I value your ASKED FOR opinions and advice but if i didn't ask for it, stfu. No? Then stfu!

Unless I ask for it, whether you are a parent or not, don't give me "help" and "advice" that is really criticizing the way I do things. I don't question your parenting. I don't starve or freeze or otherwise abuse my child. He's a happy healthy little boy who loves being around people, playing with his toys, being tickled and swung upside down.

Happy & Healthy. The important things.

And this post is not directed at any of the people whose opinions I very much value and I hope you guys realize that I'm not talking about you. :-)
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  1. I'm just going to go out on a limb and guess this is co-workers talking to you. I'm also guessing that said co-workers are not geeks. They probably don't understand or dislike the entire geek culture. No doubt one of them said "You took your son to that freak show with the weirdos in costumes??" I just say ignore them. The problem is, is that when your in a job working with others, a number of people automatically assume that their your friend, consultant, whatever. Personally, I just smile, maybe nod my head and generally ignore them. Won't make you the most popular worker, but it'll give you a less stressed life. (ignore the drama in other words, dealt with that in my last job and it will not happen again)

    I'm glad your kid is happy. I'm glad your not abusing him/not feeding him because then I'd have to call social services and that just requires paperwork and it's ugly and just not my cup of tea ;). hee hee. I'm also glad your exposing him to the geeky world, convert em early! I say. ;)

    Keep strong, I'm sure your kid will grow up into something productive. They always do as long as they get lots of love.

  2. I have some 100% awesome people I work with who are oddly also the ones who seem to get the crap end of the stick, like jacob. He's a way cool guy who was hired a couple weeks after me and we went through cashier training together. He's a pretty cool person in my opinion and he likes pokemon and yugioh and manga and anime and everything else amazing. And he plays WoW. In fact he got me into wow but I can't afford it right now. :-(

    Totally off topic. I'm barely awake. Slept like 2 hours then randomly woke up. Also if you pretend to be stupid, guys give you armor and gold and runes and clothes and necklaces and stuff on runescape. I never tried it til earlier. Guy gave me an amulet of power and a gold necklace and full mith armor and a black longsword and like 5k gold and a pickaxe and a blessed holy necklace. I think that's all he have me. But now i think he thinks I'm really stupid because i asked him the dumbest questions I could think of. Like I asked if he made armor out of gold bars. And I asked him where to get a fishing net. Lol.