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16 September 2010

My SDCC cosplays

So sdcc is 4 days and while I have 5 cosplay outfits they are mostly not comic con outfits. I have a chinese dress, a kimono, a hell girl school outfit, a princess serenity dress, and a rocket grunt outfit. My plans to make my might elf rogue outfit are coming together nicely. So for sdcc I was thinking sci-fi tv, computer gaming, comic hero, console gamer. I came up with Classic Trek for tv, WoW for computer gamer, basing of my ability to lose weight, either cat woman or wonder woman for comic hero, and I'm not sure if using my rocket grunt and alexchu hat (if it still fits him then) will work our not even tho pokemon is pretty well known across the span of geeks.
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  1. Wait, you went to SDCC? You never told me this!

  2. I'm planning on going next year. I haven't been yet.