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16 September 2010

Geek and Gamer Girls

Now I know that not a lot of people may not have seen this video. There are some who don't care. Heck, most people probably don't even care about my opinion of this but along the lines of anomaly podcast who are geeky girls I too am an "anomaly" and I want to say something.

If you haven't seen the video yet you should go watch it. Basically some geeky girls got together and write a parody of California Girls. I don't like the original song at all in the first place. I think it, along with other songs by Katy Perry, is annoying, stereotypical, and degrading. I like a few of her songs mostly because they are poppy and catchy.

I absolutely loved everything about this video and song at first. I watched it then I read a blog. I watched it again. I read comments on the video and on the blog and I watched the video a third time. The song is catchy. It's Katy Perry catchy. But the video portrays women who are geeks and gamers to be precisely the objects of men's fantasies. Yes some gamer girls are hot. Michelle Boyd, Felicia Day, etc. But whether we are all hot or not shouldn't matter when it comes to kicking ass at video games. They put strategically placed geeky objects to hide the naughty bits of their naked bodies laying on a bed of comics. That's totally how geeky gamer girls want to NOT be seen by guys. Imo.

I could go into more extensive detail but I'd rather just direct you to another blog. The one I read that made me see other things. I (mostly) share anne's opinion.

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